2023-2024 Catalog


HRMT - Human Resources Management

HRMT-535 Human Resources Management

This course will vest students with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage the myriad challenges associated with human resources (HR) practice in organizations. Students will learn how, through effective HR planning and implementation, managers can assist in strategically influencing the quality of life, productivity, and performance of employees. Additional topics will include recruiting and selecting staff to match organizational needs; counseling and engaging staff for personal and professional development; negotiating internal conflict; and practicing effective communication.  


HRMT-536 Evidence-Based Tools for HR Decision-Making

This course examines the theory and application of various evidence-based tools that are used in the HR decision making process. Students will be able to develop and apply research theory, including quantitative methods, benchmarking, and balanced scorecard, to provide stakeholders with HR-relevant information that improves organizational decision-making. Students will focus on supporting full disclosure, accountability, and transparency, from an ethical and biblical perspective, in the generation of HR information used by internal and external stakeholders. Prerequisite: HRMT-535 and FINC-510


HRMT-537 Staffing, Performance Management, and Training

This course provides students with an in-depth examination of staffing, performance management, and training. After the completion of this course, students will be able to analyze internal and external business environments and identify the required skills and talents needed to fulfill the organizational strategic plan, develop strategies to attract and retain a competitive workforce, and construct performance appraisal systems that align with organizational mission, vision, values, and goals. Students will be able to support optimal organization performance through the continuous development of human capital and integration of a biblical perspective into the Human Resource (HR) development and appraisal programs.  Prerequisite:  HRMT-535


HRMT-538 Total Rewards Management

This course examines the basics of compensation and benefits and explores best practices in the development of the total rewards philosophy. Students will develop reward systems, including executive compensation and termination packages, that are fair, just, and align with organizational goals; design human capital plans for managing compensation and workforce adjustments; and assess benefit plans in order to maximize the utility to employees within the limitations of the available resource. Students will evaluate potential sources for total rewards functions and integrate a total rewards philosophy into a consistent communication strategy. A biblically based perspective will be used throughout the program. Prerequisite: HRMT-535


HRMT-539 Labor Management Relations in the Global HR Environment

This course examines labor management relationships from a global perspective and explores the unique staffing issues created by the global business environment. Students will create biblically based labor and management strategies that promote sustainable relationships, construct solutions through the dispute resolution process, and evaluate situations for legal and regulatory compliance. Students will develop global staffing programs that promote cross cultural experiences for organizational human capital, design labor policies and procedures that are compliant with differing country regulations and laws, and create a culture of inclusion throughout all levels of the organization.  Prerequisite: HRMT-535


HRMT-541 Strategic Risk Assessment

This course examines Risk Management from the strategic perspective of HR as an internal consultant to the organization. The student will develop biblically based strategies that promote sustainable organizational practices in the utilization of human, financial, and environmental resources; evaluate organizational activities to enhance accountability to stakeholders and organizational reputation; and formulate plans to avoid risk in both everyday operations and times of crises. The student will design policies and procedures that secure HR related information and records, comply with applicable laws and regulations, and lead to a safe work place for all employees.  Prerequisite:  HRMT-535


HRMT-542 Organizational Renewal and Development

This course examines leadership and organizational renewal and development from a strategic perspective with particular emphasis on the role of Human Resource (HR) in the change process. Students will evaluate environments and determine their impact on the organization. Students will integrate leadership, strategy, and HR management functions such as job roles and design, organizational culture, behavior, performance, goals, and objectives in order to recommend biblically based strategies for organizational renewal and development. Students will defend the role of HR as an essential agent of organizational transformation and change.  Prerequisite: HRMT-535


HRMT-590 Human Resource Management Capstone

This course presents opportunities for students to demonstrate an integrated understanding of best practice human resource management principles as well as biblical and ethical standards. Students will complete a previously approved project that involves a product, service, or organizational unit as the focus for revising policy, procedure, or practice. Working in close consultation with the course instructor, students will formulate and defend a plan of action for the identified policy, procedure, or practice and prepare a formal presentation of the completed project.  Prerequisite: satisfactory completion of all core courses

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