2023-2024 Catalog


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STA-320 Business Statistics

This course is designed to help students with basic statistical concepts, techniques and terminology. Students will learn how to present statistical data using a variety of graphing techniques. In addition, the use of inferential and descriptive statistical tools and how they are used to analyze and solve managerial problems will be addressed. Chi-square hypothesis testing and learning how to interpret results and state conclusions using business terminology will be performed. Students will learn to use Microsoft Excel to conduct statistical problem analysesand graphs. Throughout the course, biblical principles as they relate to the study of business statistics will be emphasized.


STA-351 Statistics for Marketers

The student will compare and contrast numerical descriptive statistics used to make marketing decisions. By describing data used for market decision making, the student will learn how to organize and visualize market data used in business presentations for maximum audience impact.

Indiana Weselayan