2023-2024 Catalog


REC - Recreation Management

REC-117 Campus Recreation, Intramural, and Club Sports

A university course for students earning credit via their respective campus recreation, intramural, and/or club sport participation. Compliance with daily/weekly activities, attendance, work ethic, and overall attitude are criteria for grading. This course may be repeated once each academic year.


REC-160 Introduction to Recreation

The foundations of organized recreation will be highlighted. These will include: backgrounds and theories, objectives and principles, social and economic factors, public, private and commercial interests, general recreation, and social institutions.


REC-180 Campus Recreation and Intramural Sports

The recreation games portion of the course will include ice breakers, social mixers, quiet games, table games, and group activities. The intramural sports portion of the course will explore the planning, organization, and the overall administration of an intramural program.


REC-240 Trip Camping in the USA

A camping experience to and in various Parks and Forests (or similar settings) within the USA. The course focus will be on practicing environmentally conscious camping skills, hiking, climbing, and fishing. A fee will be charged for this course.


REC-260 Recreation Leadership and Programming

Principles of leadership and their application in the development of recreation programs. The principles of program planning as it relates to the individual and group values, which includes the selection of activities and their presentation in a sequential pattern, which is concerned with interests, age, handicaps, area skill level, time, group size, and value determination.


REC-280 Commercial and Social Recreation

This course deals with the private sector of recreation opportunities. Those include industrial corporations, establishment of private corporations, profit and nonprofit camps, sports clubs, and the use of public land by private endeavor. Also social recreation will be explored as an opportunity to enhance recreational goals through social interactions.


REC-370 Therapeutic Recreation and the Aged

The delivery of therapeutic recreation services for the elderly requires a thorough knowledge of the unique physical, cognitive and psychological needs of the aged individual. This course examines the activity needs of elderly persons particularly the vulnerable, infirm or disabled individuals who may require rehabilitative and/or supportive maintenance activities. Students will explore a variety of therapeutic activities that can be utilized to reach treatment and rehabilitation goals.


REC-380 Camp Management

This course will explore the intricacies of managing and supporting the various requirements needed to oversee the professional operation of various types of camps.


REC-382 Camp Counseling

This course is designed to cover the multiple roles that a student must face as a Camp Counselor. It will be structured with applications for both the day camp and the residential camp settings. The course will accommodate students employed in a camp setting as well as the resident student. A fee may be required.


REC-385 Challenge Education

This course will introduce the student to adventure learning and attempt to incorporate Biblical principles and appreciation of God's creation with challenge education. Environmental concerns, programming and facilitating, plus hardware and safety orientation will be explored.


REC-390 Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic recreation has become a rapidly growing and dynamic field. It has shifted its emphasis from the hospital setting to a broader concern with the disabled in the community. Recreation therapists work closely with medical, social service and other rehabilitation personnel to provide a total continuum of services. This course provides an introductory overview of the therapeutic recreation profession, the delivery service models, and necessary communication and interpersonal skills for students desiring a career in this field.


REC-399H Honors Thesis/Project

Work with a faculty mentor and in cooperation with an Honors College advisor, producing a research thesis or creative project.


REC-405 Clinical Aspects of Therapeutic Recreation

This class will provide an overview of the impairments most commonly worked with in therapeutic recreation. Students will be presented with knowledge of impairments; functional, leisure education and participation programs most effective for each population; and specific communication and leadership skills to employ. The class will also focus on the management issues related to therapeutic recreation in clinical settings.


REC-410 Recreation Internship

On-site experiences with an agency which delivers leisure services. This may include public recreation park agencies, voluntary agencies (youth serving agencies), U.S.O., American Red Cross, armed forces (civilian position with military services), correctional institutions, industries, recreation for the ill and handicapped (including hospitals), and college unions.


REC-450 Recreation Administration

Development of approaches to deal with staffing, planning, organization, coordination, evaluation, and directing programs and personnel in the public sector of recreation.


REC-460 Facilities: Design, Planning, Maintenance, and Scheduling

An in-depth exploration into planning, design, construction, equipping, and managing a variety of recreation and/or sport facilities. Facility scheduling/programming will also be addressed.


REC-472 Therapeutic Process, Protocols & Facilitation Techniques in Leisure Education for Disabled

This class will introduce the student to the therapeutic recreation process for individual clients as well as the process of developing program protocols for various therapeutic recreation facilitation techniques. Students will use case studies to learn assessment, treatment planning, documentation and evaluation methods. Students will also develop program protocols for various facilitation activities. Students will also be required to observe, participate in and critique programs for the disabled. Emphasis throughout the class will be on leisure education and functional therapeutic recreation programs.


REC-475 Independent Learning in Recreation Management

Individual readings, research, and/or field study of a recreation issue, problem, service system, or activity pattern. Can include individual growth of the student in a particular area.

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REC-480 TRS Internship

An internship experience dealing with special population and their leisure pursuits. This placement must be under the direction of a Certified Recreation Therapist.

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