2023-2024 Catalog


PRAX - Praxis

PRAX-700 Practices of Personal Leadership

This seminar is a doctoral-level exploration of personal leadership practices. By engaging various biblical texts, philosophical works, contemporary leadership voices, and conducting case studies, students will explore and apply a range of leadership practices and learn to solve problems across diverse contexts.


PRAX-720 Practical Theology of Community-Forming

This seminar is a doctoral-level exploration of the formation of communities from the perspective of practical theology. Students will examine and deploy concepts related to ecclesiology. Students will engage various biblical, theological, historical, and contemporary voices for the sake of a deeper understanding.


PRAX-740 Creativity, Imagination, and Story

In this doctoral-level seminar, students will develop the skills necessary to increase their capacity for creativity, imagination, and story-telling for the sake of Christian ministry. Students will explore how narrative, imagery, and creative collaboration can be deployed to transform persons and cultures.

Indiana Weselayan