2023-2024 Catalog


PLS - Paralegal Studies

PLS-201 Foundations to the Paralegal Profession

This course presents the role of paralegals in the legal system, paralegal skills, legal working environments, ethical considerations, and career opportunities. Students are introduced to the sources of law, an overview of courts, and alternative dispute resolution systems.


PLS-210 Legal Research and Writing

This course is designed to provide students with a solid working knowledge of the tools in law libraries, including both state and federal primary and secondary materials. Students will research, analyze, and solve problems in the legal world and communicate the results in a competent and ethical manner.


PLS-221 Civil Litigation

This course explores the process and procedures associated with a civil case. It includes the initial client interview and fact gathering, preparation of pleadings, trial preparation, post-trial procedure, ethical considerations for handling a civil law case, and the application of technology in the preparation and trial of a law suit.


PLS-223 Contracts

This course provides students with a general overview and understanding of the elements of a contractual relationship, applicable laws related to contract negotiations and terms, and the remedies available if the agreement is breached.


PLS-225 Criminal Law and Procedure

This course provides the student with the basic principles and history of American criminal law, the elements of specific crimes, the procedures of the criminal justice process, and the constitutional rights of the accused.


PLS-227 Family Law

This course addresses fundamental topics including marriage, divorce, annulment, property division, parenthood, adoption, custody, support, and family violence along with emerging areas within family law.


PLS-229 Torts

This course presents the definitions of tort laws and describes how tort laws are applied to various situations and fact patterns. This course also explores the process of filing tort cases in court in terms of parties, pleadings, timing, and the appeals process.


PLS-231 Wills, Trusts, and Estates

This course covers how to legally and ethically develop and administer an estate plan. Students will be introduced to specialized legal vocabulary and relevant substantive and procedural law.


PLS-290 Capstone in Paralegal Studies

This capstone course provides students with the opportunity to integrate the theoretical knowledge and practical skills they have acquired through the program and apply them to a legal setting.

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