2023-2024 Catalog


MSL - MA - Sports Leadership

MSL-531 Sports Leadership Law and Risk Management

The course examines the legal insights required for effective management of sports and recreational activities while avoiding potential legal problems associated with those activities. Contracts, tort liability, negligence, gender equity, and sports labor relations will be examined as well as right to participate, injury liability, sports organization legal status, risk management, and crisis management. Prerequisites: MOL-525 and MOL-530


MSL-532 Sports Leadership Finance and Stewardship

This course will prepare leaders within the sports and recreation industries to interpret financial reports and to develop insights that will enable them to make and to participate in strategic decisions. Students will acquire an understanding of the accounting cycle, how financial statements are constructed, and how they can support managerial and leadership decisions. They will interpret financial statements, draw constructive conclusions about the financial health of organizations, and use ratio analysis and other techniques to develop recommendations for corrective or developmental action. Students will evaluate potential sources of external funding and the impact of decisions on a sports and recreation organization's finances. They will apply discounted cash flow principles and techniques to inform capital budgeting and other strategic decisions. Students will also apply principles of biblical stewardship and accounting ethics to financial problems. Prerequisites: MOL-525 and MOL-530


MSL-533 Sports Leadership Marketing

The course examines the application of marketing concepts to the sports industry, including the idea of sports as both product and market. The course will also analyze techniques for program promotion, fundraising, and developing a comprehensive Public Relations plan. Prerequisites: MSL-531 and MSL-532


MSL-534 Sports Leadership Facilities and Event Management

The course examines quantity, location, and design standards for various facilities utilized in the sports industry. Issues such as safety, functionality, durability, and maintenance will be examined as well as user comfort, user convenience, crowd management, traffic flow, space relationships, and meeting programmatic and operational objectives. Prerequisites: MSL-531 and MSL-532

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