2023-2024 Catalog


MSC - Military Science

MSC-101 Introduction to Military Science

Studies the organization, history, and traditions of the United States Army and the characteristics and skills that future leaders will need to develop. Covers military skills such as first aid, rifle marksmanship, and land navigation.


MSC-102 Introduction to Leadership

Incorporates small group exercises with various military and communication skills to introduce the real world situations that future leaders may face. Includes active participation in discussions and activities. Builds on topics discussed in MSC-101.


MSC-201 Leadership/Military Tactics

Examines light infantry tactics. Introduction to squad movement techniques, ambushes, reconnaissance, movement to contact, advanced land navigation, drill and ceremony, first aid, and weapons.


MSC-202 Leadership/Team Development

Continued study of tactical leadership development. Focuses on operations orders, communication skills, weapons, map reading, and drill and ceremony.


MSC-299X Experimental/Developmental Topics

Topics relevant to the discipline. Titles to be announced before each semester. Prerequisite: enrolment in military science; permission of the department. A total of 6 hours of credit may be earned.

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MSC-301 Military Leadership and Operations 1

Introduction to military planning methodology. Develop oral and written communication skills through introduction to small unit tactics and operations. Prerequisite: MSC-202; permission of the department.


MSC-302 Military Leadership and Operations 2

Continues the methodology of MSC-301. Analysis of leadership and management problems using military tactics at the squad level. Train on individual skills. Prerequisite: MSC-301; permission of the department.


MSC-401 Leadership Challenges and Goal Setting

Plan, conduct, and evaluate activities of the ROTC cadet organization. Develop confidence in skills to lead people and manage resources. Develop counseling and motivating techniques. Prerequisite: MSC-302; permission of the department.


MSC-402 Transition to Lieutenant

Continues the methodology from MSC-401. Refine counseling and motivating techniques and prepare for a future as a successful Army lieutenant. Prerequisite: MSC-401; permission of department.


MSC-499 Independent Study in Military Science

An opportunity to investigate a topic of particular interest to the student under the supervision of a faculty member. Extensive reading, research, analysis, and writing. Prerequisite: permission of the department. A total of 16 hours of credit may be earned, but no more than 3 in any one semester or term.

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