2023-2024 Catalog


MKTG - Marketing

MKTG-530 Marketing Management

Students in this course will create product development strategies and market demand estimates from an assessment of market structure, as well as internal and external marketing environments. Students will articulate models for product differentiation and positioning within the market; determine pricing strategies, price setting methods, distribution channels, and key channel members; and analyze the effectiveness of emerging promotional strategies. Students will develop a biblically based ethical framework to govern marketing strategies and tactics. Application and implementation of course theories and concepts in an organizational setting will be addressed through embedded, experiential learning experiences and activities within the course.


MKTG-540 Non-Profit Development and Advancement

Candidates in this course evaluate non-profit development strategies and assess the market structure and environments to determine the crucial factors impacting development. Candidates create advancement strategies for donor development, donor relations, grants, network development, branding, and corporate sponsorships that result in sustainable funding. Candidates use a biblical framework to develop an integrated marketing communication strategy to all stakeholders incorporating emerging media.

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