2023-2024 Catalog



MDL-201 Christian Spiritual Formation for Leaders and Followers

Christian spiritual formation for leaders and followers is an introduction to spiritual formation, including spiritual health and the practice of spiritual disciplines to support personal development and professional practice. Prerequisites: BIB-120 & LDR-201


MDL-211 Bible Study Methods for Leaders and Followers

The course examines key assumptions, procedures, and guidelines used in understanding the Bible. Emphasis is upon refinement of the student's skills in observation and interpretation. The course is designed to develop the student's ability to study the Scriptures accurately and systematically as a basis for personal development as well as application to leader and follower roles in organizations. Prerequisites: BIB-120 & BIB-121


MDL-221 Biblical Doctrine Survey for Leaders and Followers

The course examines foundational Christian doctrines that will help students become familiar with the key teachings of the Word of God. The doctrines provided form the foundation of evangelical faith as well as inform perspectives and practices of leaders and followers in the organization. Prerequisites: BIB-120 & BIB-121


MDL-341 Care and Counsel in the Congregational Context

This course examines the principles and practices of effective care and counsel opportunities within the congregational context. Grounded in biblical, theological, and practical perspectives, the material maintains focus on healthy relationships, role-modeling, mentoring, and development of God's people in local communities to care for one another. Prerequisites: LDR-201, MDL-201, MDL-211, MDL-221


MDL-351 Financial Management in the Non-Profit Organizational

This course explores foundational principles and practices for effective financial management relevant to non-profit organizations, including non-profit faith-based organizations. Key concepts for consideration include stewardship, strategic budgeting, mission-focus, and accountability. Prerequisites: LDR-201, MDL-201, MDL-211, MDL-221


MDL-371 Disciple-Making Practices for Christian Leaders and Followers

This course examines the universal call for all believers to be witnesses of Christ and to disciple others through the spirit of the Great Commandments and the instruction of the Great Commission. In addition to issues of individual and group level discipleship practices, material will also introduce basic considerations for church multiplication and planting as well as marketplace ministry. Prerequisites: LDR-201, MDL-201, MDL-211, MDL-221


MDL-406 Communicating the Biblical Message in the Church, the Classroom, and the Marketplace

This course explores the dynamics of effective communication of the biblical message through a variety of mechanisms including preaching, teaching, and marketplace engagement opportunities that the student may experience. Students examine persuasive methods to communicate biblical truths with conviction, precision, creativity, and practical relevance through both written and verbal skills. Prerequisites: LDR-201, MDL-201, MDL-211, MDL-221


MDL-456 Contemporary Ministry Models for the Church and the Marketplace

This course explores contemporary and emerging models for ministry and mission-fulfillment in the Christian church as well as the marketplace. Focal points include multiplication of groups, congregations, and networks of churches. Students will examine best practices and current trends in growing and multiplying congregations with foundational attention to community development and marketplace ministry perspectives. Prerequisites: LDR-201, MDL-201, MDL-211, MDL-221

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