2023-2024 Catalog


LCT - Life Coaching

LCT-431 Foundations of Life Coaching

Students will be introduced to the core competencies of coaching set forth by the International Coaching Federation, specifically ethical standards and a coaching mindset. Students will participate in either online or onsite synchronous meetings with their life coach instructor for no less than two hours each week. In addition, trainees will complete assignments on ethical considerations and practice their coaching skills with other trainees.


LCT-432 Co-Creating the Relationship

This course builds upon the International Coach Federation's foundational and ethical standards. Students learn how to create a safe, supportive environment that empowers clients and honors their clients by recognizing their strengths. Students will also learn how to partner with clients to develop clear agreements about the coaching relationship, process, plans, and goals. Trainees will participate in weekly synchronous meetings with the instructor. In addition, students will practice their coaching skills, and gain insight into their own values and personality traits by completing self-assessments. Prerequisite: LCT-431


LCT-433 Communicating Effectively

This course focuses on fully understanding the client is communicating in the context of the client system and to support client self-expression. An emphasis is placed on deepening the coach-client relationship by practicing active listening skills, using effective summarization, exploring nonverbal communication, asking pertinent questions, and maintaining a curious and present mindset during the coaching session. Students will be required to participate in 2-hour synchronous, weekly sessions with the instructor and complete group and individual coursework. Prerequisite: LCT-432


LCT-434 Cultivating Learning and Growth

Students will continue to participate in the ethical practice of life coaching by becoming more self-aware and client focused. This course emphasizes partnering with the client to transform learning and insight into action and to promote autonomy in the coaching process. Skill-sets such as maintaining presence, assisting clients in goal setting, allowing clients to evaluate successes, and helping to identify future barriers are practiced in this course. Students will be required to participate in a 2-hour synchronous meeting each week with the instructor and to complete group and individual assignments. Prerequisite: LCT-433

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