2023-2024 Catalog


ITM - Information Technology Mgmt

ITM-470 Information Technology Systems Management

Information Technology Systems Management encompasses managing information technology to meet business needs. This course will provide students a foundation in the management of computer systems, data center management, enterprise applications, information technology staffing, and the financial management for the information technology function. Insights into the Information Technology Manager role in an organization, along with how this role fits within the company as a pivotal part of its success, will be explored. The Virtuous Business Model will be integrated throughout the course to enhance the ethical aspects of information technology systems management.


ITM-471 Information Technology Contract Management

This course will address vendor and contract management which is critical to informational technology business operations. Students will learn how to procure contracts with suppliers of information technology goods and services, apply the stages of contract development, evaluate risks and close out contractual agreements. Communication skills critical to closing out contracts for information technology goods and service will be emphasized. The use of checklists to help manage information technology contracts will be addressed. Students will apply the Virtuous Business Model to information technology contract procurement management.


ITM-472 Information Technology Service Management

Students in the Information Technology Service Management course will study risk frameworks, planning, assessment, analysis, mitigation, and reporting functions associated with technology service management. Project management methodologies, evaluating information technology costs, and appraising mobile technologies will be addressed. Students will be given the opportunity to utilize the FAIR (Factor Analysis of Information Risk) approach to technology management. Students learn how to apply the Virtuous Business Model to information technology service management. This course will prepare students to take the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) v4 Foundation Certification Exam, an internationally recognized industry certification.


ITM-473 Global Information Technology Projects

Information Technology (IT) projects are considered global when they provide services globally or use global resources on projects. This course covers the unique international requirements for resourcing projects, localization of Web sites, and emphasizes both human and technical requirements for global projects. Students will be introduced to crucial factors that impact working in a global environment which include: business cultures and traditions, economic and political trends and impacts, teamwork and coordination, different management styles and methods, and international risk analysis and control. Other global topics that will be addressed include an examination of monetary differences, data center structures, and project management. The Virtuous Business Model will be integrated to enhance the ethical aspects of global projects. Prerequisite: Successful completion of all program courses

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