2023-2024 Catalog


INSY - Information Systems

INSY-730 Emerging Technologies

Students in this course will recognize current and emerging disruptive technologies and their potential to impact social conditions and the global economy; compare and contrast current and emerging technologies and their implications for social ethics and the global workplace; and evaluate emerging technology as potential contributors to organizational success. Students will define the unique characteristics of and differences between disruptive technologies and their impacts, and assess emerging technology from the perspective of the Virtuous Business Model.


INSY-731 Information Compliance and Risk

Students in this course will integrate best practice in risk compliance with existing enterprise systems, assess the risk potential for new and existing systems, and create compliance policies and procedures consistent with regulatory requirements and best practice. Students will incorporate management principles to plan, implement, and audit operating system security in a networked environment and critique current practices to achieve organizational information systems goals and objectives. Students will also evaluate compliance and risk management systems for alignment with the Virtual Business Model.


INSY-732 Assessment and Optimization of Technology

Students in this course will optimize organizational processes using data analysis, assess the potential of various software to enhance organizational performance, and maximize the return on organizational technology investments. Students will evaluate applications for the potential to improve collaboration, sharing, and lowering cost. Students will manage application development to lower cost, improve quality, and customer satisfaction. Students will develop application policies and procedures consistent with the Virtuous Business Model.


INSY-733 Strategic Information Systems Management

This course focuses on the information technology leader's collaborative roles working with an organization's non-IT senior leadership, including aligning business strategy with IT strategy and evaluating evolving theories and practices that inform decisions related to the life cycle of information systems. Students will assess the implementation of information technology policies and processes as day-to-day operations, including consideration of ethical, cultural, and global issues; determine potential effects on internal and external stakeholder needs, and develop management plans for information system projects. Students will integrate the Virtuous Business Model into strategic information systems decision-making.


INSY-790 Applied Doctoral Program Evaluation and Assessment - Information Systems

This is the culminating course of the DBA program in which students will defend their doctoral project. Students in this course will integrate forward-thinking virtuous leadership into global team-based business practice, create ethical change management solutions and strategies for complex business problems, and design solutions to management problems using new applications of theory or changes in present practices. Students will synthesize advanced research in education, consulting, or business leadership into their doctoral practice in order to create new information systems knowledge for application in the global workplace. Students will integrate a virtuous worldview into both their personal and professional lives. Prerequisite: Completion of all other required courses with the exception of BADM-785


INSY-791 Scholar-Practitioner Seminar: Information Systems

In this course, students further develop and refine their voices as scholar practitioners through active exchange within communities of practice and scholarship. Students will draw on critical and creative mastery of a broad range of concepts, theories, and practices, as well as be aware of the assumptions underlying them from perspectives which go beyond individual disciplines and contexts. Grounded in theory and research, informed by experiential knowledge, motivated by personal values, and through the lens of a virtuous worldview, students will synthesize new business administration knowledge and skills for application in the global workplace. These reflect solutions to real-world information systems problems using new applications of theory or changes in present practice. Students will develop skills to effectively communicate their findings in a variety of formats including peer-reviewed written or oral venues. Prerequisite: Completion of all other required courses with the exception of BADM-785 and BADM-792.

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