2023-2024 Catalog


FIN - Finance

FIN-210 Managerial Finance

A study of the four functions of managerial finance: the capital budgeting decision process, capital structure decision process, evaluation and control of long-range financial decisions, and working capital management. The impact of these financial decisions on the firm's risk level is analyzed. Prerequisite: BUS-100 and ACC-201 or Admission to the CAPS BSA or BSBA program.


FIN-250 Personal and Family Finance

A general course dealing with the problems of the consumer in the American economic system; a practical study of personal consumption, buying habits, health and medical care, and housing; an introduction to investment; an introduction to insurance. No prerequisite.


FIN-310 Financial Decisions for Managers

During this course students will learn to interpret financial statements used to make informed business decisions while demonstrating a working knowledge of financial markets, institutions, and investment banking. Financial assets will be evaluated from a biblical perspective as the student integrates the time value of money, risk return considerations, and the cost of capital into capital investment decisions and capital budgeting.


FIN-315 Accounting and Financial Concepts of Business

The student will evaluate accounting and financial statements from a leadership perspective and biblical worldview. Through the lens of leadership decision making, the student will learn how accounting data is generated and processed and how operational and capital budgets as well as financial markets affect company success in the marketplace.


FIN-330 Investments

A study of the investment alternatives available to individual and institutional investors. Emphasis is placed on stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and money market securities. The student's risk preferences and the risk level of investment alternatives a reanalyzed. Prerequisites: FIN-210 and Admission to the Business Division.


FIN-383 Real Estate Investment and Marketing

This course introduces students to the varied ownership and leasehold interests available in real estate. In addition, students are introduced to mechanisms which are used to handle the legal issues associated with real estate; methods for marketing real estate; approaches available for the financing of real estate; and the systems used for managing real estate assets. The keys to successful negotiation are integrated throughout the course. The emphasis is on residential real estate, but commercial real estate development is covered as well. Prerequisites: FIN-210 and Admission to the Business Division.


FIN-384 Finance Internship

An opportunity for advanced students to obtain valuable work experience and gain expertise in relating classroom material to actual business endeavor. A professional-quality paper analyzing one or more business applications will be prepared under departmental faculty supervision. Prerequisites: FIN-210, one 300/400 level Finance major course, and Admission to the DeVoe Division of Business.

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FIN-399 Service Learning

Service-Learning is an educational experience in which students participate in organized service activities that meet identified community and/or university needs. Prerequisite: Admission to the Business Division

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FIN-430 Investment Management

An examination of additional investment alternatives available to individual and institutional investors including options, futures, and convertible securities. Technical analysis and portfolio management theory are examined. Prerequisites: ACC-201, ACC-202, BUS-100, ECO-211, ECO-212, FIN-340, and the appropriate major area gateway course(s).


FIN-440 Financial Management

An examination of capital budgeting under uncertainty, the capital asset pricing model, lease versus buy decisions, and mergers and acquisitions. The impact of these financial decisions on the firm's risk level is analyzed. Prerequisites: FIN-210 and Admission to the Business Division.


FIN-450 Advanced Topics in Investing

This course is designed to move beyond a basic understanding of investment vehicles and focuses on using these vehicles in the area of financial planning for the present as well as for the future. Retirement and estate planning, legal considerations of investment vehicles, and an in depth understanding of various investment classes are only a few of the topics considered. A student who successfully completes this class should be well prepared to take the appropriate licensing examination related to financial planning. Prerequisites: FIN-330 and Admission to the Business Division.


FIN-474 Independent Learning in Finance

An opportunity foradvanced students to pursue further study in a finance field of interest in which they have exhausted catalog offerings. Prerequisites: FIN-210 and Admission to the Business Division.

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FIN-499 Finance Seminar - Presentation

A seminar course intended to develop the senior finance major's professional presentation skills as he/she prepares and delivers the results of the research in FIN-498 from the previous semester. Prerequisite: FIN-498.

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