2023-2024 Catalog


ENT - Entrepreneurship

ENT-340 Entrepreneurship & New Venture Creation

Development and management of an entrepreneurial organization including pre-startup, startup, survival, growth, and the transition from entrepreneurial to professional management. Explain the function of entrepreneurship and corporate intrapreneurship. Students will review the entrepreneurial revolution, developing creativity and innovation, nonprofit entrepreneurship and developing the entrepreneurial plan. Prerequisite: Admission to the Business Division.


ENT-341 Organizational Intrapreneurship

This course focuses on the development of ideas within an organization and seeing those ideas become operational reality. Students will review the intrapreneuerial process, identify opportunities, building the intrapreneurial foundation and learn how to deal with the challenges of being entrepreneurial within an organization all within the context of biblical principles. Prerequisite: Admission to the Business Division.


ENT-399 Service Learning

Service-Learning is an educational experience in which students participate in organized service activities that meet identified community and/or university needs. Prerequisite: Admission to the Business Division.

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ENT-455 Entrepreneurial Planning and Strategy

This course is designed to provide the student with a practical understanding of the planning and strategy necessary to develop an entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial plan. Due to the requirements of the course, students should gain a practical understanding of how to biblically confront frustration, fear, and failure as they develop their entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial plan. The course will culminate in the development and presentation of an entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial plan. Prerequisites: Admission to the Business Division, ENT-340 and senior standing.


ENT-483 Entrepreneurship Internship

An opportunity for advanced students to obtain valuable work experience and gain expertise in relating classroom material to actual business endeavor. A professional quality paper analyzing one or more business applications will be prepared under departmental faculty supervision. Prerequisite: One 300/400 level Entrepreneurship major course and Admission to the DeVoe Division of Business.

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