2023-2024 Catalog


ENG-215 Topics in Global Literature

Studies in global literatures within the context of culture or geographic region or by focusing across cultures on a distinct literary theme or period. The course emphasizes how modern global issues - such as ethnicity, religion, gender, economics, history, politics, colonialism, nationalism, race, class, or social justice - participate in the formation of world literature. This course may draw its texts from various genres: novels, short stories, poetry, film, drama, oral tradition, etc. Topics may investigate literatures from the Caribbean, China, or West Africa; themes such as migration, missiology, apartheid, or Westernization; or transnational movements such as The Arab Spring, global terrorism, post-colonialism, or Anglophone literature. Texts are studied in English translation. Prerequisites: Must have completed writing competency (ENG-120) or have advanced standing in English; or permission of the division.




Indiana Weselayan