2023-2024 Catalog


CPE - Computer Engineering

CPE-210 Digital Systems

This course provides an introduction to the design and analysis of digital electronic systems. Topics include information representation, logic gates, combinational logic design and minimization, sequential circuits, arithmetic operations, memory devices and organization, finite state machines, and timing and communication issues in digital system organization. A brief examination of a hardware description language is provided. Prerequisite: Satisfaction of Math Preparatory Requirement.


CPE-340 Microprocessor Systems

This course studies the functionality of microprocessors and applies them as an element of system design. Introduction to computer organization, microprocessor instruction sets, assembly language and/or C language programming, peripheral interfaces, hardware/software design relationships, and system control. The associated laboratory allows students to implement concepts on actual hardware devices. Prerequisite: CPE-210.


CPE-360 Computer Architecture

Introduction to computer architecture with an emphasis on hardware, instruction formats and addressing modes, arithmetic operations, processor design, pipelines, interrupt and exception handling, memory hierarchy, and parallelism. Prerequisites: CPE210 and CIS-221.


CPE-396 Special Topics in Computer Engineering

A course in topics of current interest in computer engineering. Specific content varies term by term but will be announced before registration begins for the semester of offering. Prerequisite: Permission of division chair.

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CPE-495 Indpendent Study and/or Research in Computer Engineering

Students will engage in a research project or an independent study in conjunction with a faculty member. Designed for engineering majors with a computer engineering concentration who either plan on graduate level work or has a special interest in certain area of computer engineering. This course has a cap of 2 credit hours and cannot be repeated except in case of a 1+1 arrangement (1 credit hour in one semester and another credit hour in another semester). Prerequisite: At least sophomore standing and permission of the instructor.

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