2023-2024 Catalog


AVM - Aviation Management

AVM-120 Introduction to Aviation Careers and Transportation

This course introduces students to the global aviation industry, its historical development, available career paths, challenges for the future, key private and governmental agencies. Students are introduced to the professional skills and knowledge necessary to succeed within the industry. They reflect upon the biblical principles appropriate for a professional in the aviation industry.


AVM-220 Aerodynamics and Aircraft Systems

This course reinforces the content a commercial airplane pilot should know about aerodynamics, weight and balance, and systems, propulsion, and aircraft performance calculations. Students are introduced to more complex aerodynamics and systems related to airline transport aircraft and high-altitude operations. The emphasis is on how this knowledge can be applied for safe and efficient aircraft operations.


AVM-225 Human Factors and Automation in Aviation

This course explores concepts of Crew Resource Management (CRM) and teamwork in the context of automated aircraft systems. Students develop crew coordination and communication skills in both single and multi-crew cockpit operations. Students also explore the opportunities and ethical challenges associated with automation and discuss the design challenges of the human-machine interface.


AVM-310 US and Global Aviation Operations

This course explores aviation and airline operations in the United States and globally. Attention is given to Air Traffic Control (ATC) and airspace system for general and corporate aviation, commercial air carriers, air cargo, and ground operations. Students study business models, economic factors, aircraft acquisition processes, supply chain, logistics, labor, and operations. Prerequisite: AVM-120


AVM-320 Aviation Safety and Management

This course examines aviation safety principles with an emphasis at the individual level and organizational level. Topics include airmanship and flight discipline, FAA Safety Management System (SMS), safety culture, accident models, human error, and general safety management principles. Prerequisite: AVM-120


AVM-330 Aviation Regulations and Laws

This course provides an overview of U.S. administrative law and the role of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in rule-making and enforcement actions affecting general and commercial aviation. While the course provides an overview of the regulations impacting global passenger and cargo operations, consideration is given to the United States aviation regulatory environment, rulemaking processes, and current issues. Prerequisite: AVM-120


AVM-410 Aviation Practicum

This course is an integrative learning experience, where the student gains professional experience as a flight instructor or other management experience within the aviation industry. Special attention is given to the development of the student's vocational interests and faith integration. Completion of this course is equivalent to 120 hours of servicelearning engagement in addition to the completion of reflective assignments. Prerequisites: AVM-120 and AVP-212 or AVM-455


AVM-450 Applied Aviation Management Project

This course serves as the capstone for the Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management degree. Students will conduct research and present their findings on an aviation related project. They will also synthesize their knowledge gained in aviation and business management by competing with their peers in an aviation business case simulation. This course should be taken in the final semester. Prerequisite: Successful completion of all AVP, AVM, and business core courses


AVM-455 Regional Airline Transition

This course prepares students for the initial training one can expect after being hired as a pilot for a regional air carrier. The course covers company indoctrination and on-boarding processes, seniority systems, procedures for flight crews, and regulations. Emphasis is on mastering crew resource management, safety management systems, general and emergency operating procedures, flight management systems (FMS), and aircraft systems. Prerequisite: possession of a Commercial Pilot Certificate or completion of AVP-203

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