2023-2024 Catalog


AMP - Adv Manufacturing Processes

AMP-110 Mechanical Engineering Blueprint Reading

This course will focus on the relationship of engineering drawings related to the manufacture of a working part. Topics include lines, views, dimensioning, calculating cutting planes, auxiliary sections, symbols, and broken lines. This course is designed to include the common machine shop applied mathematics that would be used in the development and production of a piece part that is made from a blueprint. Some emphasis will be placed on geometric dimensioning and tolerancing. Students will apply biblical and ethical principles related to mechanical engineering blueprint reading.


AMP-120 Manufacturing Materials and Procedures

This course will present the main materials and manufacturing processes used in the advanced machining industry. Topics include specific details and elements regarding how materials are turned into a product, detailed description of manufacturing processes that are used in the precision machining industry including casting, molding, forming, and die cutting as they relate to the quality control requirements of a part design within the manufacturing processes. Quality assurance of manufactured parts using Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T), Statistical Process Controls (SPC), and inspection testing will be addressed. The course will cover how the material properties of a product controls the spectrum of the manufacturing processes that are utilized in the production of major products and parts for each manufacturing process to be successful. Biblical and ethical principles will be applied to concepts related to manufacturing materials and procedures.


AMP-130 Concepts of Machined Engineered Products

This course focuses on safety in the machine shop and provides the foundation for the study of manufacturing methods, processes, related equipment, and tools of the industry. Topics include shop safety practices, job planning, feeds and speeds, layout tools, and procedures. Students will be exposed to hand tools, bench work, and a variety of tools and machines used in manufacturing processes. Metallurgy and the fundamentals of metal cutting operations used to produce manufactured parts will be covered. Other topics presented in the course include machine set up and operation, layouts, print reading, quality measurement devices, and cutting tools. Students will apply biblical and ethical principles to concepts and practices related to mechanical engineered products where applicable. Prerequisite: AMP-110


AMP-140 Computer Numerical Controlled Machining

This course introduces the manual programming, setup, and operation of Computer Controlled Numerical Machining (CNC). Topics include programming formats, control functions, program editing, part production, and inspection. The use of the cartesian coordinate system, programming codes and commands, and tooling requirements for CNC machines will be also be covered. Upon successful completion, students will understand how to manufacture simple parts using CNC machining centers. Students will apply biblical and ethical principles to concepts and practices related to computer numerical controlled machining where applicable. Prerequisite: AMP-110


AMP-200 Theories of Applied Measurements

This course introduces applied machine shop mathematics, blueprints, and written documents commonly found in machine shop environments. Students will be able to calculate additional information needed to manufacture the product as it is described on a machined product blueprint. Extensive use of trigonometry, geometry, conversion between decimal and fractions, and numbers using SAE (inch) and metric (SI) will be utilized. Students will apply biblical and ethical principles related to theories of applied measurements where applicable. Prerequisite: AMP-110


AMP-210 Principles of Numerical Applications

This course will increase the student's abilities in math skills and concepts that are required to be successful in shop activities. Topics include advanced applications of applied shop mathematics that are used to effectively machine the part, proper use of applied geometric and trigonometric functions, and their applications as they relate to blueprint reading and manufacturing of a part. Solving complex manufacturing problems that is related to the use of sine bars, and gage blocks for set up and inspecting angles to be machined. Students will apply biblical and ethical principles related to numerical applications and problems. Prerequisite: AMP-110, AMP-200


AMP-220 Product Production Systems

This course is an advanced study of the relationship of materials, fixtures, and special tooling/machining operations as they relate to applications of machine shop production of precise parts, dies, and mold components. Theories on the use of coolants and specialty inserts will be presented. Students will gain foundational knowledge of castings, weldments, tool coatings, and manufacturing methods that are becoming part of emerging technology. This course includes a study of the principles of blanking and/or piercing dies; die life; punches; die block construction; strippers and stock guides; stock material utilization; strip layouts; and die sets. Foundations of mold construction will be covered. Students will apply biblical and ethical principles to product production systems where applicable.

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