2023-2024 Catalog


General Education Requirements (BS- Health Sciences) and Student Learning Outcomes

General Education Requirements - In addition to the regular core curriculum (major), a 30-credit general education core is required of all bachelor students enrolled in the School of Health Sciences. This 30-credit general education core includes:

  • Three semester credits in Biblical Studies.
  • Three semester credits in Biblical Studies/Philosophy/Religion.
  • Six semester credits in English Written Communication.
  • Three semester credits in English Oral Communication.
  • Six semester credits in Social or Behavioral Sciences.
  • Three semester credits in Mathematics.
  • Three semester credits in Natural Sciences.
  • Three semester credits in Arts and Humanities.

General Education Learning Outcomes

  • Quantitative Reasoning: Solve mathematical problems enabling determination and communication of reasonable solutions. 
  • Speaking and Listening: Communicate effectively with diverse audiences, both verbally and non-verbally, and listen with empathy for shared understanding. 
  • Written Communication: Write clearly and effectively for a specified audience and purpose. 
  • Humanistic and Artistic: Interpret the aesthetic properties of creative artistic forms as living abundantly. 
  • Scientific: Apply qualitative and quantitative methods to gather data and generate evidence‐based conclusions. 
  • Social and Behavioral: Compare and contrast contending interpretations for social, behavioral, or historical phenomena. 
  • Integration of Faith: Apply tenets of the Christian faith to the thinking, dispositions, and actions that form their character.

Indiana College Core (ICC)

Indiana Wesleyan University participates voluntarily in the Indiana ICC program in order to serve students who begin their studies at other schools.  The Indiana ICC is a block of 30 credit hours, defined individually by each participating Indiana educational institution, that fulfills six specific general education competencies. Participating schools agree to certify transferring students who have completed the core and to honor the certification of other schools regarding transfer students. A student completing the core at any participating institution is counted as having completed the core at every other participating institution, even though the courses are not identical.

Students presenting a transcript with completion of ICC noted will meet all of the general education requirements stated above with the exception of three semester credits in Biblical Studies. A Bible course must be accepted in transfer or taken at Indiana Wesleyan University in order to fulfill this requirement.

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