2023-2024 Catalog


Field Placement

After all major coursework is complete, each student is required to complete a Field Placement in a social service agency. This placement site will be arranged by the Director of Field Experience in collaboration with each student, aiming to align with the student’s professional goals and development needs. As such, each student will complete a Social Work Field Placement Application along with an updated resume and personal statement. Students will submit their field placement application to the Director of Field Experience. Field Placement options are discussed and a tentative plan is created for Field Placement based on the student's interest and needs.

There are two Field Experience courses, SWK-366 and SWK-466, which are taken concurrently with two Field Seminar courses, SWK-370 and SWK-470. Students are to complete all foundational and core courses as pre-requisites to taking SWK-366 and SWK-370, which are pre-requisites to SWK-466 and SWK-470. While there are two field experience courses, they are completed in one agency setting over a period of approximately six months.

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