2023-2024 Catalog


Kern Mentoring Program - B.S./A.B. to MPTh/MA

The Kern Mentoring Program is designed to better equip persons for a lifetime of ministry.
     - Graduate with two degrees in five years, and to do so with less debt.
     - Participate in programs and events designed for spiritual formation and leadership development.
     - Receive additional coaching and mentoring in regards to your church placement and your 1st year in ministry.

Approved undergraduate programs for the Kern Mentoring Program include the following majors/combination of majors:
     - Children's Ministries + Pastoral Ministries (double major)
     - Christian Education + Pastoral Ministries (double major)
     - Christian Ministries (B.S. or A.B.)
     - Community Development + Pastoral Ministries (double major)
     - Global Ministries + Pastoral Ministries (double major)
     - Youth Ministries + Pastoral Ministries (double major)
     - Worship Ministries + Pastoral Ministries (double major)

Students accepted to the program at the undergraduate level may be eligible to receive yearly scholarships. Scholarships are also available to graduate students each semester.

Indiana Weselayan