2023-2024 Catalog


Doctor of Physical Therapy

The Department of Physical Therapy is dedicated to the development of an autonomous practitioner, motivated through faith, who can effect change in healthy outcomes for the individual, and the local, regional, national, and global community through service, leadership, advocacy, and exemplary, evidence-based clinical practice.

As an integral part of the healthcare team in a variety of settings, physical therapists are instrumental in assessing and treating conditions that impede movement as desired and necessary for a fulfilling life. Physical therapists facilitate recovery and the development of functional movement as well as advocate for and educate on prevention and wellness measures for healthy living.

The process of becoming a physical therapist through Indiana Wesleyan University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program is life transforming. The program’s faculty and staff are dedicated to student success through their commitment of time, energy, talent, expertise, and resources necessary for student spiritual, emotional, and professional growth to graduate from the rigorous academic program. The use of early and frequent patient experiences and active learning serves to facilitate lasting learning that provides building blocks for exemplary clinical practice. Faculty advisor/mentor “families”, composed of a faculty member and students from each of the three cohorts, foster a supportive community providing spiritual, emotional, and professional guidance and accountability throughout a student’s time in the program. An international interprofessional trip will facilitate a global community perspective. The program’s curriculum, activities, and clinical experiences are strategically designed to facilitate student development into a meaningful life calling as a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Vision and Mission

The vision of the Doctor of Physical Therapy program will provide transformational experiences to foster spiritual, emotional, and professional growth in our students to empower them to be effective leaders who influence health disparities and the future of health care and physical therapy through selfless advocacy and optimal physical therapy outcomes.

The mission of the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) will be a leader in developing graduates who are equipped to deliver exemplary clinical practice and research to advance the profession of physical therapy while serving their local, national, and global community to improve health and glorify Christ.


DPT Program Learning Outcomes

Student Curricular Goals and Performance Indicators (PI) have been determined through a coordinated, Christ-centered lens that encompasses the mission and vision of the University, the School of Health Sciences, the Department of Physical Therapy and the ethical principles delineated by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). Therefore, upon completion of the DPT program, the graduate will demonstrate proficiency in the following areas:

  • Servant Leadership/Advocacy: Graduates of the DPT program will be adept at advocating for their patients’ needs and the profession’s behalf through servant leadership within their community, the profession and the interprofessional healthcare team.
  • Integrity and Moral Character: Graduates of the DPT program will reflect a Christ-likeness in their relationships with patients, families, colleagues, students, research participants, other healthcare providers, and the public with pervasive veracity of moral character.
  • Trustworthy, Compassionate, and Respectful CareGraduates of the DPT program will provide holistic care to patients and others that incorporate cultural, spiritual, and individual differences with effective and sensitive verbal, non-verbal, and written communication skills.
  • Evidence-Based Innovative Practice with Sound, Reflective Professional Judgments: Graduates of the DPT program will provide exemplary clinical practice based on responsible, life-long assimilation of professional standards and evidence, expertise, patient values, and resources. Graduates will work collaboratively within an interprofessional team for optimal patient outcomes and health.
  • Scholarship and Research: Graduates of the DPT program will advance the body of knowledge for best clinical practice through collaborative research and critical analysis of current evidence.
  • Global Perspective: Graduates of the DPT program will embrace global initiatives that address healthcare needs of worldwide communities, and advocate and serve on their behalf.
  • Responsible Practice Management: Graduates of the DPT program will execute their professional duty, while being fiscally responsible stewards to benefit patients and society.
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