2023-2024 Catalog


Books and Materials

Indiana Wesleyan University’s IWU-National and Global programming has been, in part, designed to serve the needs of busy, working, adult students. With this in mind, the required resource materials for our students are included with the program and are supplied through IWU's chosen supplier and distributor, Slingshot. Some of these required resources are in digital form and can be accessed directly in the learning management system upon individual student registrations. Any non-digital resources will be shipped directly to students prior to each course. For any non-customized print materials that are not part of the first course of a program, students wishing to obtain these specific materials on their own, may contact Slingshot for further information.

Please note: Any attempted return of materials are subject to policies and procedures as applied by Slingshot. Please contact Slingshot for details related to any possible return of materials.

Should it become necessary for a student to withdraw from a course, any course not completed before the specified time remaining on their access to the digital materials, additional charges may be applied. Hard copy resource materials should be returned immediately, if eligible, to avoid additional charges if/when the course is taken at a later date. If materials are not returned, and/or course is not completed, and course materials change in the time between withdrawal and re-entry, the student will be charged for new materials.

More information can be obtained by contacting Slingshot at 888-392-2930 or https://www.slingshotedu.com.

Indiana Weselayan