2023-2024 Catalog



The College of Adult and Professional Studies will engage in its mission by:
  • Providing educational opportunities in professional areas within the liberal arts tradition.
  • Aiding students in extending the range and nature of careers available to them.
  • Developing students leadership abilities.
  • Developing students of character.
  • Developing students in scholarship.
  • Providing students with a comprehensive yet practical education through an intensive curriculum that draws on resources, theories, and knowledge from various disciplines.
  • Leading students in acquiring the skills required for effective critical thinking.
  • Extending educational opportunities to people whose occupations, family responsibilities, or personal preferences do not permit them to spend major blocks of time “in residence” on campus.
  • Helping students understand the importance of the application of Christian principles in a professional environment.
  • Cultivating scholarship among students and faculty.
Indiana Weselayan