2023-2024 Catalog



Indiana Wesleyan University is a community of Christian scholars whose mission is to integrate faith into every aspect of life. Therefore, in selecting faculty, the institution seeks academically qualified professionals who enjoy a vital personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and who are excited by the prospect of integrating faith and learning. Four primary criteria are considered in the screening of candidates: Christian mission congruence, academic qualification, professional experience, and the ability to facilitate student learning.

CAPS recruits, trains, and schedules Christian professionals whose academic qualifications and workplace experiences equip them to provide adult learners with a stimulating classroom environment both onsite and online. In doing so, CAPS maintains a quality faculty for all its programs.

CAPS employs a core of full-time faculty who are responsible for instruction and curriculum development in core discipline areas. These individuals also mentor and develop adjunct faculty in their fields of study.

All adjunct faculty candidates are screened through a rigorous hiring process which includes a series of interviews and an assessment session. Once approved, faculty are assigned to a mentor and attend orientation workshops.

CAPS provides opportunities for its full-time and adjunct faculty to regularly network with one another through faculty meetings, development workshops, and focus groups.

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