2021-2022 Catalog


TECH - Technology

TECH-501 Digital Media Theory and Applications

An exploration of Richard E. Mayer's multimedia learning principles for the design of digital media including images, video, audio, and text-based presentations. Learners will apply these principles as they gain competency with various software applications to deliver instruction.


TECH-502 Digital Content and Citizenship

An exploration of the varied definitions and criteria for digital literacy and digital citizenship. From the context of first and second level digital divides, learners will gain an understanding of the concepts that are critical to the development of programs, tools, and resources designed to create a generation of digitally literate citizens.


TECH-503 Instructional Design Theory and Practice

The course introduces instructional design principles and practices to the development of learning opportunities in face to face, online, and blended modalities. Particular attention will be focused on the process of aligning learning outcomes with instructional strategies, assessments, and effective use of technology-based learning activities.


TECH-504 Technology for Learning Communities

An exploration of the varied ways in which digital technology can serve a valuable role in the creation and maintenance of learning communities, in the collection of data, in communication with stakeholders, and in the facilitation of personal and institutional change.


TECH-505 Web Design and Development

This course introduces the student to the fundamentals of web design, the concepts of user interface, the application of usability studies, basic HTML coding, and the use of web design applications. Attention will also be given to the creation, capture, and editing of various media for web delivery.


TECH-506 Data Utilization and Evaluation

Data utilization and evaluation covers basic to intermediate statistical methods in education and psychology. It prepares educators to appropriately describe, select, apply, calculate, and interpret statistical methods, in preparation for making evidence-based decisions.

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