2021-2022 Catalog


EGR - Engineering

EGR-121 Introduction to Engineering

An introduction to the engineering profession. The course will introduce students to the fundamentals of engineering design and analysis through involvement in solving problems in a project team approach as well as individual study/lab sessions. The course will also cover engineering from the lens of the Scripture, and the importance of mathematics and communication. Brief review of basic math (geometry, algebra, trigonometry) necessary for continued success in the engineering program. Prerequisite: Satisfaction of Math Preparatory Requirement.


EGR-142 Computer Aided Design

An introduction to engineering graphics and computer-aided design (CAD) using a 3D solid modeling software package. Topics include geometric construction, sketching, orthographic projection, isometric, sectional and detailed views, engineering drawings and assemblies, parametric solid modeling and motion simulation/animation. Includes design projects. Prerequisite: Satisfaction of Math Preparatory Requirement.

Indiana Weselayan