2021-2022 Catalog


EDUT - Education - Teacher Training

EDUT-563 Learning Processes, Diversity, and Development of P-12 Students

This course examines a broad understanding of student development and diversity through the study of major concepts, theories, and processes related to the cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional, physical, and moral development of adolescents. Candidates also study strategies to create instruction that is responsive to student differences and that promotes development and learning for all students. Additionally, candidates will develop a broad understanding of learning processes and strategies to facilitate student achievement. The course includes knowledge of major theories and concepts related to the learning process, strategies for promoting students' independent thinking and learning, and strategies for engaging students in the learning process.


EDUT-573 Reading Strategies and the P-12 Learning Environment

This course examines strategic literacy instruction for secondary learners. The course prepares teachers to develop independent metacognitive readers by an exploration of scientifically based reading research (SBRR) strategies, theories and processes. This course also emphasizes theories of learning and instruction and involves research-based methods for managing a secondary classroom. An examination of human, social, and intellectual development for diverse populations of students is integrated with concepts of classroom management and behavior intervention. Emphasis is given to legal mandates associated with classroom management that impact student learning and the learning environment. Field experiences are required. Prerequisite: EDSE-535


EDUT-583 Methods and Assessment for P-12 Educators

This course examines various approaches to teaching and learning in secondary education while aligning instruction to state academic standards and national standards. This course addresses differentiated instruction, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), project-based learning, cultural competency and global competency. The course also emphasizes the diagnostic nature of formative assessment and the appropriate use of summative assessment to improve teaching and learning. Candidates will complete classroom-based learning activities in order to understand how to best implement assessments fairly, appropriately, and effectively for data collection, analysis, and data-driven decision making. Field experiences are required. Prerequisite: EDSE-535

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