2023-2024 Catalog


Administrative Personnel

Mark Alexander, Ph.D., Senior Director Talent & Strategic Programs 

Amie Anderson, Ph.D., Dean, School of Integrated Learning & Development

Chris Bounds, Ph.D., Dean, School of Theology & Ministry, Residential

Sheila Carlblom, M.A.R., M.L.S., Dean of Library Services

Susan Carr, M.S., Associate Vice President, Enrollment Technology & Support

Carson Castleman, Ph.D., Vice President of Student Experience

Pamela Connolly, M.Div., Part-Time Online Contract Chaplain

Dedra Daehn. M.S., Director of Accreditation, Assessment & Curriculum

Rob Dawson, DNP, RN, FNP-C, Dean, School of Nursing and Health Sciences

Erin Dean, M.S., Graduate Assistant

Mark DeMichael, M.Ed., Vice President of Student Development & Athletics

Karen Dowling, Ph.D.Vice President for Diversity & Intercultural Integration

Renae Doyle, M.B.A., Executive Director of Student Accounts

Ruth Eby, DNP., RN, Dean, Division of Doctoral Nursing

Nate Foster, Ph.D., Executive Dean, School of Integrated Health

Brad Garner, Ph.D., Part-Time Digital Learning Scholar in Residencel

Darla Gowan, DNP, Asst. Dean of Nurse Practitioner Programs

Russ Gunsalus, M.Div., Ron Blue Institute Employee 

Nathan Herring, Ed.D., Dean, Center for Student Success 

Rebecca Hoffpauir, D.Phl., Dean, National & Global Nursing

John Jones, M.B.A., Vice President for University Advancement 

Abson Joseph, Ph.D., Vice President of Academic Affairs, Wesley Seminary 

Cindy Ketcham, M.B.A, Associate Vice President of Finance & Operations, Business Affairs

Tiffany Lewis, M.B.A., Controller, Accounts Payable Business Affairs

Larry Lindsay, Ed.D., Ron Blue Institute Employee - Non IWU Employee 

James Michael Manning, Ed.D., Vice President of Academic Affairs of CAPS

Anita Manwell, Ed.D., Dean, School of Professional Studies & Teacher Education 

Shawn Matter, J.D., University Counsel, Business Affairs 

Aaron Metzcar, Ed.D., University Registrar 

Andrew Miller, Ph.D., Vice President for Strategic Enrollment & Partnerships

Michael Moffitt, Ed.D., Executive Director for Corporate & Community Relations

Tamara Murphy, M.B.A., Executive Director of Financial Aid, Financial Aid 

Stephen Ott, A.B., Graduate Assistant, Track & Field Men & Women

Jerry Pattengale, Ph.D., University Professor, University Academic Affairs

Mark Pederson, M.S., Executive Director, Human Resources 

Rita Pinkerton, M.S.; CPA, Executive Director of Budgeting, National & Global

Mario Rangel, M.A., Executive Director for the Intercultural & Global Office 

Todd Ream, Ph.D., Executive Director of Faculty Research & Scholarship

Mark Rennaker, Ph.D., Chair, Division of Leadership & Followership Studies

Don Rowley, M.S., Assistant Vice President, Facilities Services 

Jonathan Sampson, Ph.D., Vice President Learner Success & Regional Workforce Engagement

Nancy Schoonmaker, CPA; D.B.A., Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Business Affairs 

Amanda Serafin, B.S., Executive Director of Enrollment

Amber Simos, M.B.A., Executive Director of Academic Innovations

Daniel Solms, M.S., Vice President of Enrollment Services

Vaso Suhodolsky, B.S., Executive Director of Regional Management

Andrea Summers, D.Min., Campus Pastor / Dean of Spiritual Formation

Jeremy Summers, D.Min., Part time Partnership Developer 

Ronda Thompson, M.S., Executive Director, Learner Success

Scott Turcott, Ed.D., University Advancement Consultant 

James Vermilya, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs 

Kevin Wachtel, MBA, Executive Director of Partnership Development & Operations

Shelley Webb, Ph.D., Chair, Division of Business

Elvin Weinmann, M.B.A, Senior Director of Development, University Advancement 

Aaron Wilkinson, Ph.D., Vice President of Operations & Enrollment

Aly Williams, Ph.D., Vice President of Academic Affairs and Chief Academic Officer

James Wise, M.L.S. M.Div., Dean, University Library

Joy Wisehart, M.Div., Part-Time Online Contract Chaplain

David Wright, Ph.D., President Emeritus, Presidents Office

Leslie Zolman, M.A., Executive Director of Student & Faculty Support Services

Indiana Weselayan