2023-2024 Catalog



MUS-501 Aesthetics in Music

This course is a study of aesthetic perception and experience when encountering musical art. Considered will be the human capacity for aesthetic response, contemporary theories of aesthetic encounter, and the historic origins of aesthetics in Euro-centric and American musical art. Modes of aesthetic scanning as applied to various streams of artistic activity in music will be studied as well.


MUS-502 The Related Arts in the Western World

This course is designed to lay a foundation for understanding and appreciating the related arts, in particular the aural arts (music) and the visual arts (painting, sculpture and architecture) in the Western world. The course will give the students tools to categorize and comprehend the basic elements of the arts, will systematically demonstrate the development of these arts from Antiquity to the present, and will seek out relationships between artistic periods and societal trends and events.


MUS-503 Foundations for Musical Criticism

Foundations for Musical Criticism deals with the fundamentals of music and their application to understanding and analyzing music. Beginning with Music Theory, the goal is to develop a working knowledge of the elements of music. This foundation is used to clearly perceive and communicate observations about musical selections, to perceptively discuss aesthetic judgments, and to develop guidelines for musical appreciation of varying styles of music.


MUS-504 Teaching Music for Adult Students

This course is a seminar in effective music teaching and learning methods for undergraduate adults that are not music majors. With emphasis on the non-traditional adult learner, the course will cover the key learning, teaching, and instructional design principles associated with andragogy within the context of a liberal arts curriculum elective in music. Syllabus design, lesson planning, in-class teaching, and music course assessment learning activities are included.


MUS-505 Teaching Music Through Technology

This course is a series of learning activities designed to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver effective instruction in musical elements, music appreciation, and music history through various current technology-based presentation modalities. Featured will be learning activities in teaching music through editing graphic images and both audio and video recordings, designing presentation software files, using video conferencing software and hardware such as Adobe Connect@, teaching with Smart Boards, working with an on-line learning management system, and developing lessons within publisher produced, internet-based course companions such as Connect Kamien@.


MUS-506 Survey of Non-Western Music

This course will present a survey of non-Euro-American musical genres, including the aspects of music that are unique to these genres and that differ from Euro-American music in general. The course will cover music from west, north, and east Africa, the Middle East, India, China, Japan, and the Andes. The course will provide students an understanding of music outside the Euro-American sphere, as well as the analytic skill to recognize the use of musical elements in music throughout the world, and a realization in depth of the various philosophical and social influences affecting the music of the world.


MUS-507 Survey of Western Music

This course will present a survey of Western music from ancient Greece to the 20th century, including how the elements of music are designed by God to provide opportunity for theosis and koinonia, and how the elements of music were used by composers and performers in early Christianity, and the medieval, Renaissance/Reformation, Baroque, Classic, Romantic, nationalist, and modern eras. The course will provide students with the analytic skill to recognize the use of musical elements and their effects, and a realization in depth of the various philosophical and social influences that affected Western music in each of the historical eras.

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