2023-2024 Catalog


LAT - Latin

LAT-201 Beginning Latin I

An introduction to the basic forms, syntax, and vocabulary of Latin.


LAT-202 Beginning Latin II

A continuation of LAT-201, this course prepares the student for the translation of Latin literature. Prerequisite: LAT-201.


LAT-320 Intermediate Latin I

This course continues the student's knowledge of Latin grammar and vocabulary by reading texts from authors such as Livy, Cicero, and Catullus. Prerequisite: LAT-202.


LAT-321 Intermediate Latin II

A continuation of LAT-320, this course largely consists of readings from more advanced Latin authors such as Virgil and Tacitus. Prerequisite: LAT-320.


LAT-475 Independent Learning-Latin

Individually arranged reading, research, and issues relating to the Latin language. Prerequisite: LAT-201, LAT-202 or its equivalent.

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