2023-2024 Catalog


Biblical Literature - A.B.


A Biblical Literature major enables a student to relate the Scriptures to aspects of life, whatever the planned profession. The Biblical Literature major also offers a good foundation for seminary studies. Some students who do not plan to be pastors desire a concentration of Bible courses in order to better serve churches in various capacities of teaching and spiritual leadership.

General Education Requirements

Students in this major meet the general education requirements by taking the approved standard courses.

Requirements (40 credits)

Required Courses (12 credits)

BIL-101Old Testament Survey


BIL-102New Testament Survey


BIL-202Inductive Bible Study


GRE-200Beginning Greek I



HBR-200Beginning Hebrew I


Electives (18 credits)

BIL-Advanced Bible electives (balanced program in Old and New Testaments)


Cognate (10 credits)

-In a field consistent with the student's vocational goals and approved by the student's advisor


Advanced Bible electives: Including up to 9 hours of Greek or Hebrew beyond GRE-201 or HBR-201 if those 9 hours are not already counting toward a Biblical Languages minor; a balance of Old and New Testament courses should be maintained.

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