2023-2024 Catalog


Division of Art + Design


We offer art students a learning environment which blends design, art making, and creativity with career development and Christ-centered social engagement.


The Division of Art + Design is a flourishing Christ-centered community of artists, designers, students, and scholars dedicated to serving others. Our art professors are devoted to working alongside students, helping them successfully develop as artists, designers, and followers of Christ.


Also available are the following minors:

Also available is the following certificate:


Admission to an Art + Design Major

Declaration of an Art and Design major is made through the Residential Academic Services Office. Students are encouraged to declare their major when making application to the university or during their first semester registration. Students are accepted into an art + design major/minor on a conditional basis until successful completion of the mid-point review. A lab fee will be assessed for all Art + Design studio classes.  The fee amount varies based on course requirements.

Mid-Point Review

Permission to continue a specific major(s) in the Division of Art + Design traditionally is granted during the second semester of the sophomore year (exceptions may apply for transfer students from another institution or major).

Requirements for transfer students will be considered on an individual basis. Transfer students must make arrangements through the coordinator of their major(s) for a portfolio review.

Failure to complete and pass the mid-point review may prevent students from registering for additional art courses, result in probation, or withdrawal from the Art + Design major(s).

Academic Requirements

Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 in their declared major(s) or minor(s) and complete each course required by the major(s)/minor(s) with a "C" or above. Failure to do so will require repeating the course(s) or withdrawing from the major(s)/minor(s).

Senior Exhibit

A senior art exhibit or thesis project is mandatory for all students who have been admitted into the Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, and/or Studio Art B.A. programs. The senior exhibit is designed to give exhibition experience to the studio artist while showcasing his/her academic and creative accomplishments.

Exiting Senior Assessment

A formal assessment process is required and must be successfully completed by all graduating seniors. As a part of this process, each graduating student must submit a digital portfolio to be assessed and archived within the Division of Art + Design. Major/minor exiting requirements may be obtained from the Art office.

Design Technology Statement

The Design programs (Graphic Design, Visual Communication Design, and Design for Social Impact) of the Division of Art + Design at Indiana Wesleyan University require all enrolled (Minor, BA, and BFA) students to have a personal computer for their design studies. While the Division of Art + Design provides first-rate studios and shared learning resources, it is essential for design students to have ready access to computer technology outside of the classroom at any given moment. The ability to mobilize projects on and off campus is vital to student learning, as necessitated by the ever-changing design field, rapid changes in technology, and the need for the collaboration with other designers. Access to readily available technology naturally develops confidence and computer proficiency with every design project students complete; this is vital for the world they face.

Equipment and Supplies

Equipment, software and supply lists required for each course/program are available on the Division of Art + Design website.

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