2023-2024 Catalog


Schedule Changes and Withdrawals


Students' class schedules are expected to be permanent by the end of each add/drop period. 

     The last day to add: The final day a student can add a new course to their schedule for a current term. 

     The last day to drop: The final day a student can drop a current course from their schedule for a current term. 

Refer to the academic calendar for specific dates for each terms’ add and drop dates. 

Students who need to switch a course section (such as ENG-180-82A to ENG-180-82B) during the drop period may do so with the approval of their advisor and the faculty member of the new course section with an Add/Drop Form. 

Any desired change in audit registrations follow the same deadlines as previously identified. All drop/add requests made thereafter require a General Academic Petition with the approval of the corresponding Academic Advisor and Division Chair.


Withdrawing from Classes

Withdrawing from classes means that students are withdrawing from one or more course, but not from the entire semester. Any class in which the student withdraws means that a “W” will be transcribed on the academic transcript. 

Up until the tenth week of the semester (or the equivalent of 5/7 or 71% of the course), students may withdraw from a course with a grade of “W.” This should be done only after consultation with academic advisors, the Registration & Academic Services office, and the Financial Aid Office, as reduction of course load below 12 credits may affect eligibility for athletics, scholarships, or financial aid. After this date, students may not withdraw from classes without total withdrawal from the University. Failing work at the time of official withdrawal after the tenth week of the semester may be counted as an "F" in grade-point average.

Withdrawing from the University

Withdrawing from the University means that students are leaving the institution and all courses (that were not previously completed). The student would then have a “W” listed for all classes that were not previously completed with a grade (such as a half-semester course). Withdrawing from the University means that the student will leave the campus and inactivated in institutional systems (unless notified otherwise). 

This date is determined and listed on the academic calendar each semester, being the 13th week of classes. Please review the official academic calendar for the specific date. By the last day to withdraw from the University, students desiring to voluntarily withdraw from all classes at the University must submit a Total Withdrawal form available at the Registration & Academic Services office (RAS) and online via the RAS portal page. This form must be completed and filed with the RAS office before the student leaves campus. No refunds will be made by the Student Account Services, CAS, until RAS certifies that the withdrawal procedure has been completed. A student failing to complete proper withdrawal remains a student and will be charged as such and receive a grade at the end of the semester. Students in University housing who fail to check out of their rooms properly will be subject to an administrative charge. 

Any undergraduate student who is dismissed from IWU-Marion by Student Development will be administratively withdrawn from all classes.

Academic Administrative Withdrawal Policy - CAS

Per policies below, students may be dropped or withdrawn from an individual course(s) or the University. 

If a student registers for a course but does not attend any class sessions of that course by the last day to drop classes, the student may be dropped from the course(s) by the Director of Registration & Academic Services or designee.

If the student does not attend any registered courses by the last day to drop, the student may be dropped or withdrawn from all courses and inactivated in the system by the Director of Registration & Academic Services or designee.

If a student, due to lack of attendance, cannot achieve passing grades in their courses, with or without applicable campus support and/or reasonable accommodation(s), the CARE Team and/or the Academic Standing Subcommittee of the Enrollment Management Committee may recommend to the CAS Vice President of Academic Affairs or designee (and copy the Director of Registration & Academic Services) that the student be administratively withdrawn from the institution during the academic semester and will receive a "W" in all classes. Additionally, if a student does not adhere to University policy and community standards in the classroom, the CARE Team may recommend to the CAS Vice President of Academic Affairs or designee to have the student withdrawn from all courses (and the residential campus). Students should be aware that this action (administrative withdrawal) may have an impact on financial aid, enrollment issues related to verification for insurance, athletic competition, and access to some IWU facilities.


Intent to Depart

Students who intend to depart from the university for the subsequent semester(s) should complete the Notification of Student Intent to Depart form. Students should inform the Registration & Academic Services office by completing and filing this form available on the RAS portal page.

Leave of Absence

Full-time degree seeking students may request a Leave of Absence (LOA) in certain circumstances to preserve their current catalog rights and possibly provide positive implications for financial obligations such as loan repayment, and health and car insurance.

Types of Leave of Absence:

  1. Medical Leave of Absence - LOA petition must be accompanied by a statement from a medical care provider verifying the need for the LOA.
  2. Personal Leave of Absence - petition must include a plan for addressing personal or family issues that lead to the successful completion of the student's academic program.
  3. Planned Educational Leave of Absence - petition must include plans for enriching educational goals that lead to the successful completion of the student's academic program. These plans can include participation in non IWU-supported study abroad experiences, no IWU-supported internships, or short term missions or service programs.

Leave of Absence petitions are available in the Registration & Academic Services office and must be completed and approved before the "drop" deadline for the term in which the LOA is requested. Medical and certain unplanned for LOA requests may be considered retroactively or after the "drop" deadline based on the individual circumstances. LOA appeals must be filed and approved by the Dean of the school in which the student's major is under before the end of the term for which the LOA is requested.

A Leave of Absence will not be approved for students who are subject to academic dismissal or student conduct dismissal.

Students who do not return to Indiana Wesleyan University by the end of their approved LOA will be considered to have withdrawn from IWU at the end of their last term of regular enrollment.

International students should work with the international student coordinator in the Admissions Office when contemplating a planned LOA as there are Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services regulations regarding the status of international students.

In order to maintain catalog rights under the LOA petition, students must receive prior approval from the Registration & Academic Services office for coursework taken at other institutions for transfer to IWU. Failure to do so could result in failure of the coursework to transfer, or loss of current catalog rights.

Students on LOA may not participate in or be registered for any IWU coursework during the LOA time period including incomplete courses, independent learning contracts, and online courses.

Student work positions, divisional stipends, and leadership positions are not guaranteed upon return and must be reapplied for.

It is unlikely that there will be any financial aid benefit for the student who takes LOA. All questions regarding financial aid must be discussed with the student's financial aid counselor.

Students should consult with Student Account Services, CAS and the Financial Aid Office to discuss any financial ramifications of a LOA.

Returning from a Leave of Absence:

A student may choose to return from a LOA earlier than planned but must return on the first day of classes for the semester. When students return from a LOA, either on time or early, they may request reinstatement through the Admissions Office by completing the re-enrollment form before the first day of new term. Students must notify the Registration & Academic Services office of their intent to return before the end of the term previous to the expected date of return. Undergraduate students who are on Academic or Citizenship Probation status when they take a LOA will return with the same status.

Study Abroad students who use a LOA to attend unaffiliated programs should be aware that there is no guarantee of academic credit at IWU and must apply for such under transfer policy guidelines.

Military Leave of Absence

The Higher Education Opportunity Act enacted on August 13, 2008, states that a university may not deny admission or readmission to a service member for reasons relating to that service.  The service member qualifies if the school is given notice of absence for service, the cumulative length of absence does not exceed five years, and the student gives notice of his or her intent to return.

Indiana Wesleyan University complies with this act with the following:


  • Students are not required to reapply and are not charged a readmission fee upon return.
  • Students are reenrolled at the same academic status (program enrollment status, number of completed credit hours, academic standing) before deployment. Students may return under the catalog that was in effect before deployment. Students may find differences in their programs or the catalog if the programs are no longer offered, or changes have occurred due to external accrediting bodies, licensing board or other external agencies.
  • Leave time does not count toward the total time required to earn the degree.
  • Students will be promptly reenrolled in the next class or classes in a program, will qualify for priority/early registration, and may not be denied re-enrollment in a class based on class size.

Financial: Students are required to complete a Military Leave of Absence Request. When the request is approved, students' accounts will be adjusted as necessary.

Financial Aid: Indiana Wesleyan University is committed to assisting military students in navigating the impact that active duty will have on financial aid. It is important that each student have conversations with the Financial Aid office to ensure proper paperwork and processes are covered as it relates to a leave of absence.

Students with federal financial aid, federal loan obligations, or military tuition assistance must contact their lenders and/or the military education office to ascertain their loan repayment status or repayment of tuition assistance during the leave of absence.



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