2023-2024 Catalog


International Education Programs

As an educational institution, Indiana Wesleyan University has been rooted locally in Marion, IN for over a century, but our scope extends nationally and internationally as we develop students in character, scholarship, and leadership, and equip them to change the world for Christ.

The CAS Academic Affairs Office embodies IWU's mission and global vision by offering a variety of International Education Programs, including Education Abroad Programs for students, faculty, and staff, and Education and Exchange Programs for international students and scholars. 

(1) Education Abroad Programs for Students, Faculty, and Staff

Education Abroad programs are approved according to academic policies, procedures, and structures, and they are reviewed regularly to ensure that learning outcomes are being met appropriately. Education Abroad programs are also approved by the IWU Risk Management Office to ensure international travel, health, and safety precautions are being followed. IWU adheres to the standards of good practice for education abroad as defined by the Forum on Education Abroad (www.forumea.org). For more specific information regarding Education Abroad programs, polices, and procedures, contact the CAS Academic Affairs Office.

Education abroad programs include:

  • Travel Classes:
    Courses taught by IWU faculty that take place in an international location
  • Intercultural Fieldtrips:
    Off-campus credit-bearing experiences led by IWU faculty as part of a semester-long course in an international location
  • International Internships, Student Teaching, and Practicum Experiences:
    Independent experiences that fulfill program requirements in an international location
  • Global Service-Learning Teams:
    Opportunities to serve and learn with a team led by IWU faculty/staff in an international location (not credit-bearing, but include student learning outcomes, and may satisfy the “Intercultural Experience” general education requirement)
  • Summer/Semester Abroad Programs:
    A series of credit-bearing courses that are taken in an international location under the guidance of IWU faculty and/or affiliate program providers. The following are approved Summer/Semester Abroad Programs:
  • American Studies Program (Washington, D.C.) - https://www.cccuglobaled.org/american-studies-program-2023-24/ 
  • Au Sable Institute for Environmental Studies (Great Lakes and Pacific Rim) - www.ausable.org
  • Azusa Pacific University (Los Angeles, CA) - www.apu.edu/laterm
  • BCA Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) - www.bcanet.org
  • Contemporary Music Center (Nashville, TN) - https://www.cmcnashville.com
  • Creation Care Study Program (Belize, Central America, New Zealand) - www.creationcsp.org
  • Ecuador Semester - Taylor University (Cuenca, Ecuador) - www.taylor.edu
  • Gordon College in Orvieto (Orvieto, Italy) - www.gordon.edu/inorvieto
  • Houghton in Tanzania (Tanzania, Africa) - www.houghton.edu
  • Irish Studies Program - Taylor University (Greystones, Ireland) - www.taylor.edu
  • IWU Haiti Program – Division of Pre-Licensure Nursing (La Gonave, Haiti) – www.indwes.edu
  • IWU Summer in Israel – School of Theology and Ministry – www.indwes.edu
  • IWU Zambia Program – Division of Pre-Licensure Nursing (Choma, Zambia) - www.indwes.edu
  • The King’s College NYC Semester Program (New York, NY) – www.tkc.edu/nycs
  • L.A. Film Studies Center (Hollywood, CA) - https://www.olivet.edu/lafsc 
  • LCC International University (Klaipeda, Lithuania) - www.lcc.lt/study-abroad-lithuania
  • Middle East Studies Program (Amman, Jordan) - https://www.cccuglobaled.org/mesp/ 
  • Scholarship & Christianity in Oxford (Summer) (Oxford, England) - https://cccuglobaled.org/scio-summer/ 
  • Scholarship & Christianity in Oxford (Semester) (Oxford, England) - https://www.cccuglobaled.org/scio/ 
  • Semester in Costa Rica (San Jose, Costa Rica) - www.stint.com
  • Trinity Christian College Semester in Spain (Sevilla, Spain) - www.semesterinspain.org
  • Uganda Studies Program (Mukona, Uganda) - https://www.ugandastudiesprogram.org 

(2) Education and Exchange Programs for International Students and Scholars

As an emerging global Christian university, the residential campus of IWU in Marion, IN is a place where international students and scholars desire to reside in order to pursue their academic goals. In an effort to support these international students and scholars, the CAS Academic Affairs Office collaborates with divisions, schools, and offices, in a number of ways, including: international student/faculty/staff recruitment and retention efforts; international student advising for students enrolled in The Bridge Program; and strategic partnership development with international schools. The International Student and Scholar Programs we currently offer include:

  • Cultural Immersion Program:
    A cultural exchange experience for international high school students that takes place on the IWU-Marion campus
  • Bridge Program (www.indwes.edu/academics/cas/bridge-program):
    A first year language program for international college students
  • Semester Abroad @ IWU Program:
    A cross-cultural learning experience for international college students on the IWU-Marion campus
  • Visiting Scholars Program:
    Opportunities for international educators to engage in professional development and interaction with faculty on the IWU-Marion campus
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