2023-2024 Catalog


Transfer between Majors

It is assumed that students applying for/enrolling in graduate level programs have a higher level of maturity and decision-making ability. The selection of a graduate major should be approached with prayerful deliberation after acquiring the knowledge necessary to make the decision.

The Masters Nursing majors are designed around an accelerated cohort model, intended to foster a group dynamic and support system conducive for adult learning. Continued disruption of this model – as well as the curriculum schedule – inhibits the effectiveness of this design. In addition, the amount of time necessary to create a tailored plan of study for each transfer student adds an excessive amount of work to current faculty and staff.

Students who wish to change majors must submit a change of program request and meet all admission requirements for the requested major. Transfer approval will be subject to review of the student's academic progress, catalog requirements, and availability of space in the requested major. The university cannot guarantee transfer requests will be approved.

Please be advised that any transfer/change in program may impact financial aid. Students will not be eligible for deferment or the 'scheduled break' option under this policy, and may have to begin loan payments until they are re-enrolled in their newly-selected major. In addition, the change may lead to a significant delay in the time it takes to complete MSN degree requirements.

Indiana Weselayan