2023-2024 Catalog


Academic Standing

Students enrolled in the programs in the School of Integrated Health are regarded as members of the academic community of Indiana Wesleyan University and are responsible for conforming to the standards of conduct as outlined in the student handbook of the student's respective program. Continued enrollment in these programs is at all times subject to review of the student's academic record and of the student's actions with regard to observance of university policies and regulations. Policies and regulations can be found in the student handbook of the student's respective program and/or IWU Catalog. 

Placement on Probation - Students enrolled in a School of Integrated Health OTA program will be placed on probation if their GPA falls below the minimum 2.7 standard defined by the program’s student handbook. Students are given two consecutive terms to satisfactorily raise their GPA. The GPA is reviewed after the second term and if it has been successfully raised, the probationary status is removed. Academic suspension will result if the student's GPA is not successfully raised. 

Academic Suspension - Academic suspension will result if: 

  • A student fails to clear the academic probationary status within the probationary period of two consecutive terms. 
  • A student has taken a course twice and failed to achieve a satisfactory grade. When this occurs, the student is ineligible to reapply for admission into the program in which the course was repeated.

In all cases, the suspension will occur once the grades have been recorded in the Registrar's Office. Students will be notified of the academic suspension in writing. Application for readmission may be made after six months; however, re-enrollment will depend on the course offerings and could be twelve months following the suspension. The application must be made in writing to the Dean of the School of Integrated Health. 

Academic Dismissal - Upon a second academic suspension in the same program, a student is not eligible to reapply to Indiana Wesleyan University.

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