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Leave of Absence Policy

Indiana Wesleyan University understands there are life events that may require a student to modify class enrollment and schedules. The leave of absence policy is designed to allow students flexibility in their program enrollment to adjust to these life events. The leave of absence policy also extends to students the ability to make up any courses missed during the approved leave.

A student on an approved leave of absence will be considered enrolled at IWU and eligible for an in-school deferment for student aid loans. Federal financial aid and in-school deferment may be negatively impacted if a student fails to apply for the leave of absence or if the application is denied. This impacts students who receive Title IV federal financial aid (Federal Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Grants, Federal Stafford Subsidized or Unsubsidized Loans, Federal Parent Loans) or who want to have a federal student loan deferred from payment while in school.

Students who will be out of class for a period of 29 days but no more than 180 should request a leave of absence. Students out of class for less than 29 days are not eligible for a leave of absence, and a recalculation on current financial aid will be done. Students who are not on federal financial aid programs or who do not have a federal loan in deferment are not required to request a leave of absence.

Students needing to make a change in their schedule need to contact the Office of Online & Faculty Support Services to process the registration change. Schedule changes need to be completed before submitting the Leave of Absence Application. The Leave of Absence Application can be filled out by going to the following link: https://myemailindwes.sharepoint.com/sites/I-NG_NationalandGlobalHub. Students must request the leave within 21 days of initiating the registration change. The request for a leave of absence should be made prior to the date the leave is to start. The start date of the leave is the day after the last date of attendance in class.

An approved leave of absence must meet the following criteria: in the academic year the student has to be in attendance 2 weeks prior to applying for a leave, the request must be received within 21 days of the registration change; the request must be made prior to the start of the leave (first day of class); the reason for the request must be one approved by IWU’s Leave of Absence Committee (military, medical, jury duty, loss of job, family emergency, employment emergency, transfer of coursework, passing pre-requisite requirement, changing programs, administrative cancellation of major classes, or other reasons as approved by the Leave of Absence Committee).

The leave of absence together with any additional leaves of absence must not exceed a total of 180 days in any 12-month period. Time in excess of 180 days will not be approved. A student may request an extension to a leave providing the request is made before the end of the leave, there are unforeseen circumstances which prevent the return from the leave, and the total number of days of approved leave do not exceed 180 in a 12-month period. A maximum of two leaves of absence are allowed during a 12-month period. Documentation is required for an extension on a leave. Documentation for each circumstance will vary; the student is required to provide whatever paperwork from a third party will attest to the circumstance outlined on the application form. Examples would include physicians’ statements, letters from employers, letters from pastors or counselors, court documents, etc. Documentation is also required if a request is submitted after the 21 day deadline, and needs to address the reason for the delay in the submission of the request.

Failure to return from an approved leave of absence nullifies the approved leave and may have an impact on student loan repayment terms as well as the grace period. The first day of the leave will be reported as the beginning of the grace period for loan deferment. Students may return early from an approved leave of absence prior to the leave end date. The leave will be shortened according to the student’s return date.

Students will not receive disbursements of Title IV student loan financial aid funds during the leave. Students are not deferred from making regularly scheduled payments to the Accounting Office for normal fees incurred. Any change in registration can impact current financial aid regardless of approval or denial of the leave of absence request. Questions about impact on current financial aid should be directed to the Financial Aid Office at 866-498-4968 ext. 2516. Students on an approved leave of absence will be reported as such and will be eligible for in-school deferment of previous loans. Students whose request for a leave of absence is denied will be reported as withdrawn and the grace period for loan repayment will go into effect.

Military Leave of Absence Policy

The Higher Education Opportunity Act enacted on August 13, 2008, states that a university may not deny admission or readmission to a service member for reasons relating to that service.  The service member qualifies if the school is given notice of absence for service, the cumulative length of absence does not exceed five years, and the student gives notice of his or her intent to return.

Indiana Wesleyan University complies with this act with the following:


  • Students are not required to reapply and are not charged a readmission fee upon return.
  • Students are readmitted at the same academic status (program enrollment status, number of completed credit hours, academic standing) before deployment. Students may return under the catalog that was in effect before deployment.  Student may find differences in their programs or the catalog if the programs are no longer offered, or changes have occurred due to external accrediting bodies, licensing board or other external agencies.
  • Leave time does not count toward the total time required to earn the degree.
  • Students will be promptly readmitted in the next class or classes in a program, will qualify for priority/early registration, and may not be denied re-enrollment in a class based on class size.


Students are required to complete a Military Leave of Absence Request.  When the request is approved, students’ accounts will be adjusted as necessary.

Financial Aid:

Indiana Wesleyan University is committed to assisting military students in navigating the impact that active duty will have on financial aid.  It is important that each student have conversation with the Financial Aid office to ensure proper paperwork and processes are covered as it relates to a leave of absence.

Students with federal financial aid, federal loan obligations, or military tuition assistance must contact their lenders and/or the military education office to ascertain their loan repayment status or repayment of tuition assistance during the leave of absence. 

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