2020-2021 Catalog



Graduation Ceremonies - IWU graduation ceremonies are held two times a year. Degrees are conferred and posted to the student's transcript on these dates. Four additional conferral dates are available in between the graduation ceremonies in which degrees may be conferred and posted to the student’s transcript should all requirements be completed. Eligible students are notified by the Office of Student Services of procedures and requirements concerning graduation.

Each student must complete an “Application for Graduation” provided by the Office of Student Services. This application indicates the student’s intent to graduate and initiates the final evaluation of the student’s academic record.

Students are also asked to inform the university as to whether they will be attending the ceremony. This allows the university to determine the number of tickets available for students who are attending. If a student cannot attend graduation due to unforeseen circumstances, the degree is still conferred; however, attendance at a future graduation is not an option.

Graduation Requirements - All requirements must be met and transcripted by the date established by the Office of Student Services prior to the degree conferral date. Students taking internal or external coursework need to make sure that transcripts, grades, and scores can be received and transcripted by the deadline date. PYC students must complete a minimum of 700 hours of supervised practicum with no less than 525 patient encounters. Out of the total 525 encounters students must complete a minimum of 300 adult patient encounters, (40 of these related to women’s health), and 150 Pediatric encounters.

Students may receive one degree only per commencement. Students meeting requirements for more than one degree must apply for and participate in two different ceremonies. Any university-approved dual degree program is an exception to this policy.

Students who have received a degree from IWU and have returned to meet requirements for an additional major at the same degree level will have the second major posted to their existing degree. The second major can only be posted at one of the six conferral dates, and students receiving the second major are not eligible to participate in another graduation ceremony.

Diplomas - Diplomas are mailed after the conferment of degrees. Diplomas indicate degree earned and date of degree.  A student’s financial account must be settled to receive a diploma.

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