2020-2021 Catalog


Engagement Policy

Because of the delivery method of adult and graduate programs, engagement is required and monitored. Student engagement is monitored by activity in the learning management system (Brightspace). Engagement is defined as:

  • Posting in a discussion
  • Submission of an assignment
  • Completion of a test or quiz

Students who have not engaged (as defined above) in a class for 21 consecutive days will be withdrawn from the class. Students will be withdrawn from the entire program if the program is a lock-step program, the 21-day non-engagement course is a prerequisite to other courses, or upon the second consecutive withdrawal for non-engagement.

Students who must miss a course due to unavoidable circumstances must arrange for a withdrawal with the Office of Student Services prior to the beginning of the course. Students needing to withdraw while in a course may do so by arrangement with the Office of Student Services prior to the end of the course, but the regular refund and academic withdrawal policies apply. 

Faculty members reserve the right to factor lateness, early departures, and class engagement into a student’s grade, as long as it is addressed in the syllabus.

See the Department of Leadership Studies for the specific attendance requirements of the Ph.D. program.

Indiana Weselayan