2020-2021 Catalog


Grading and Evaluation

A letter grade is used in evaluating the work for a course. For the purpose of determining scholastic standing and awarding honors, grade points are granted according to the letter grades and semester hours of credit. The grade point average (GPA) is the number of quality points earned at IWU divided by the number of credit hours attempted at IWU.


Quality Points


(per credit)























The following grades are not figured into the GPA:











Repeated Courses - A student may repeat any course once in which a grade below “C” (“C-,” “D+,” “D,” or “F”) was previously earned. Some specific graduate level courses are identified as repeatable and can be repeated if a student earns a grade higher than “C” but below the level required for that specific course. Unless otherwise noted a course may be repeated once.

Whenever a course is repeated, the last grade and credits earned replace the previous grade in computing the student’s grade point average (GPA). All entries, however, remain a part of the student’s permanent academic record. Duplicate credit hours are not given for two or more passing efforts. A course taken in a classroom/online format may not be repeated for a grade through independent learning/study.

Since a course may be repeated once, failure to achieve a satisfactory grade in a course after two attempts will result in academic suspension and ineligibility to complete the major in which the course was repeated.

Incomplete Grades - Students are expected to complete the course requirements by the last class session. There may be instances when crisis circumstances or events prevent the student from completing the course requirements in a timely manner. In these rare situations, a grade of “I” (incomplete) may be issued after completing the following process:

  • The student must request an “I” from the instructor via email.
  • The student must have completed at least 75% of the coursework.
  • The instructor must obtain approval via email from the Program Leader.

A grade of "incomplete" may be granted only for extenuating circumstances. The length of time a student has to complete and submit the requirements to the faculty is determined by the faculty member for the course and may not exceed 10 weeks. If, at the end of the extension, the student has failed to complete the course requirements, the faculty will enter the grade the student earned. An incomplete cannot be issued if the student fails to meet the attendance requirements.

Probationary Status - Students enrolled in a graduate nursing program will be placed on probation if their GPA falls below 3.0.

Students are given the opportunity to satisfactorily raise their GPA by the completion of two consecutive courses or six consecutive credit hours, whichever is greater. The GPA is reviewed after the set timeframe, and if it has been successfully raised, the probationary status is removed. Academic suspension will result if the student's GPA is not successfully raised.

Grade Reports - At the end of each course, the instructor submits grades for each student. Grade reports are available online to the student and indicate courses taken, credits received, and grades assigned.

Transcripts - The student’s official transcript is prepared by the Indiana Wesleyan University Registrar's Office and will show the course, grade, credit, and dates of instruction for each course. Transcripts will include undergraduate and graduate work with the GPA divided into undergraduate and graduate calculations. Requests for transcripts of coursework at Indiana Wesleyan University must conform with the Privacy Act of 1974, which requires that all transcript requests be submitted in writing and signed by the student, for protection of the student's confidentiality. A transcript is official only when it bears the university seal.

It is university policy not to release a transcript if the student has any financial holds on their record or if he or she is delinquent on any loan received through Indiana Wesleyan University. A $5 fee is charged for each transcript, with an additional $2.50 Parchment ordering free. Payment must be provided, along with a complete address to which the transcript is to be delivered. Please provide a current address if request is to be sent to student's home. Transcript requests can be accessed by visiting http://www.indwes.edu/Academics/Registrar/Transcript and submitting the request through the ordering service.

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