2020-2021 Catalog


Audit of Courses

A student accepted into an Indiana Wesleyan University degree program or as an unclassified student may choose to audit specified courses within a core program or electives as follows:

  • Audit registration is allowed on a space available basis.
  • The current audit fee ($25 per credit hour) must accompany the registration.
  • Auditing a course gives one the right to attend the course. No credit or letter grade is given. The course will be indicated as an "AU" on the student's IWU transcript.
  • The student auditing the course is not expected to participate in classroom or study group assignments, or to complete homework, quizzes, or tests.
  • The faculty member is under no obligation to grade any work an auditing student chooses to submit or to give feedback on progress.
  • The materials required for the course are optional for auditing students. If one wishes to purchase materials, the fees must accompany the registration.
  • The student must meet course pre-requisites or be approved by the appropriate administrator of the specific college/school.
  • No change may be made from audit to credit, or credit to audit, after registration closes.
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