2020-2021 Catalog


Academic Information - Masters Nursing

Academic Calendar - Masters Nursing courses are offered under the semester credit hour system but in a non-traditional academic calendar. Each major consists of required courses which are taught in an accelerated, modular format, and taken sequentially. Each major has an online component. The Nursing Administration and Nursing Education majors are 100 percent online. The Primary Care major has a significant online component, but also includes on-site classes in specified courses. On-site classes meet for four hours on a weeknight or as a residency. All online classes meet in an asynchronous environment. Practice experiences are an essential component of all School of Nursing programs and take place in the student’s community.

Catalog Governing Graduation - Students must meet the graduation requirements as stated in the university catalog under which they enrolled. Students who maintain continuous enrollment, who make normal progress toward a degree, and who earn their degree within the maximum number of years from the date of enrollment may meet the graduation requirements as stated in the catalog under which they enrolled. Students who withdraw from Indiana Wesleyan University for more than six months will meet the graduation requirements as stated in the catalog under which they resume enrollment. Students changing majors or programs must meet requirements as stated in the catalog that is current at the time they make such changes. The same holds true for students moving between schools and colleges. Students may at any time change from an earlier catalog to a subsequent current catalog, but must meet all requirements for graduation of that catalog. Indiana Wesleyan University reserves the right to modify the curriculum as necessary.

Core Requirements - The integrity of the IWU-National and Global programs requires that the core courses be met at Indiana Wesleyan University. Students are required to complete the first course (or the first block of courses) in the core program with a passing grade in order to maintain enrollment. In general, no waivers are allowed for courses taken at other colleges/universities.

Final class dates as established by the calendar will be the final date for completion of the core curriculum.

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