2020-2021 Catalog


Intercultural and Global Office

As an expression of IWU-Marion’s commitment to inclusive excellence and international education, the Intercultural and Global Office (IGO) dedicates itself to developing “global citizens” on campus that promote spaces of belonging, equity, and inclusion in our communities and beyond. Through academic support, student services, and co-curricular programs, we envision a vibrant and inclusive community distinguished by a culturally responsive curriculum with campus experiences that reflect our commitment to the global and multicultural Kingdom of God.

As an office, we value:

  1. Curiosity—to humbly enable us to learn from others
  2. Conversation—to mercifully enter relationship with others
  3. Community—the fruit of justly walking alongside others

As an office, we serve the residential campus by providing:

1. Academic and co-curricular support for diversity and inclusion learning and development
The pursuit of inclusivity and inclusive excellence at IWU-Marion is an institutional commitment shaped by our Wesleyan heritage and beliefs. As such, we explore avenues for inclusive learning, understanding, and development in the classroom, and out, to all students, faculty, and staff. We provide intercultural seminars, trainings, and workshops to aid in our pursuit of inclusive excellence. We collaborate with the CAS General Education Committee by facilitating the Intercultural Effectiveness Scale (IES) online assessment for all courses and experiences that satisfy the Intercultural Experience General Education requirement and aid faculty on how to utilize the IES online assessment in their classrooms. Alongside administering the IES, some of the initiatives in this area are:

  • Council for Inclusive Excellence (Administrative Group)
  • The Intercultural Fellows (Faculty Group)
  • The Intercultural Ambassadors (Student Group)
  • Koinonia, Association of Minority Students (Student Organizations)
  • Passport to Culture; The Day of Courageous Conversations; Love Revolution (Events & Programming)

2. Academic and co-curricular transition and orientation programs and services for international students and scholars

As an emerging global Christian university, the residential campus of IWU in Marion, IN is a place where international students and scholars desire to reside in order to pursue their academic goals. In an effort to support these students and scholars, the Intercultural and Global Office collaborates with divisions, schools, offices, and student organizations on the residential campus in a number of ways, including: international student/faculty/staff recruitment and retention efforts; international student advising; strategic partnership development with international schools; and sponsoring/advising globally focused student organizations. For more specific information regarding international student and scholar academic access and orientation programs, polices, and procedures, contact the Director of International Student and Scholar programs in the Intercultural & Global Office. A sample of the academic facing international/global initiatives we offer are as followed:

  • Cultural Immersion Program (Academic Access Program)
  • Bridge Program (Academic Access Program)
  • Semester Abroad @ IWU Program (Academic Program)
  • Visiting Scholars Program (Faculty Program)
  • Transition to American College Living – TACL (Orientation)
  • International Student Association (Student Group)

3. Administrative oversight and academic support for multicultural students and scholarships, educational access, retention, and campus climate. The pursuit of educational equity, access and desire to positively impact the success of incoming and current underrepresented groups (students of color, first generation college students, and low-income students) is an institutional distinctive at IWU. As such, initiatives in this functional area of operation include the following:

  • Administrative oversight of the Campus Equity Response Team
  • Administrative oversight of the Luther Lee and Multicultural Endowed Scholarships
  • Participation in campus wide retention and support committees
  • Ongoing research on Access and Equity for underrepresented and underserved students in higher Education

4. Administrative oversight for education/study abroad and global learning opportunities
Education Abroad programs are approved according to academic policies, procedures, and structures, and they are reviewed regularly to ensure that learning outcomes are being met appropriately. Education Abroad programs are also approved by the Risk Management Office to ensure international travel, health, and safety precautions are being followed. IWU adheres to the standards of good practice for education abroad as defined by the Forum on Education Abroad (www.forumea.org). For more specific information regarding Education Abroad programs, polices, and procedures, contact the Assistant Director of Education Abroad and Global Learning in the Intercultural & Global Office.

Education abroad programs include:

  • Travel Classes (Courses taught by IWU faculty that take place in an international location)
  • Intercultural Fieldtrips: (Off-campus credit-bearing experiences led by IWU faculty as part of a semester-long course)
  • International Internships, Student Teaching, and Practicum Experiences: (Independent experiences that fulfill program requirements and academic credit in an international location)
  • Global Service Learning Teams: (not credit-bearing, but may satisfy the “Intercultural Experience” general education requirement)
  • Summer/Semester Abroad Programs: (credit-bearing courses that are taken in an international location under the guidance of IWU faculty leadership or affiliate program providers)

5. Administrative oversight for community engagement and service learning opportunities

At IWU- Marion, we seek to intentionally partner with local organizations, fostering peace and prosperity throughout Grant County and beyond in meaningful and organized ways. Our community engagement and service learning activities aim to secure the following:

  • Provide service-learning and internship opportunities for students in partnership with local schools, churches, business, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.
  • Provide an open-door policy with our Grant County neighbors and practice hospitality by regularly welcoming external events and guests on our campus.
  • Recruit employees who actively participate in community events through volunteerism, service on boards, neighborhood association meetings, tutoring and mentoring, etc.
  • Provide leadership development opportunities for community leaders and aspiring leaders in Grant County.
  • Develop and implement a plan to collaboratively partner with Grant County organizations to revitalize our community, increase the flourishing of our neighbors, and improve our quality of place.
Indiana Weselayan