2018-2019 Catalog


Spanish - A.B.

The Spanish major is designed to help students develop proficiency in the communication, cultures, connections and communities important to the language. Because of the large Spanish-speaking population in the United States, opportunities for multilingual professionals are increasing. The IWU Spanish major equips students to be world changers through the power of the Spanish language. The education major in Spanish is further designed to add training and specific professional experience to the liberal arts major (see education section of the catalog).

Requirements (42-47 credits)

Language (15-18 credits)

SPA-117Beginning Spanish I


SPA-118Beginning Spanish II


SPA-237Intermediate Spanish I


SPA-238Intermediate Spanish II


SPA-347Advanced Spanish I Conversation I


SPA-349Advanced Spanish II


Students are required to pass SPA-349 with a minimum grade of "C" before advancing to other 300 or 400 level upper-division classes.

The foreign language coordinator or the division chair may, however, grant some students permission to take another upper-division class at the same time that they are taking SPA-349.

Students may not elect to take SPA-117, SPA-118, SPA-237, or SPA-238 after successfully completing SPA-347, SPA-349, or any other upper-level course, but may pursue CLEP credit prior to completing SPA-349.

CLEP Policy

Students may CLEP SPA-117, SPA-118, or SPA-237 for credit. However, students must CLEP these courses prior to completing SPA-349 or with approval of the foreign language coordinator to receive credit for their major or minor.

AP Policy

Incoming freshmen who, prior to their enrollment at Indiana Wesleyan University, pass the AP Spanish Language Exam with a minimum score of 4 will receive credit for SPA-237 and SPA-238. Students who pass the AP Spanish Language Exam with a minimum score of 3 will be awarded credit for SPA-117 and SPA-118. AP credit for these courses will not meet intercultural competency.

Spanish Electives (9-12 credits)

SPA-348Culture and Civilization of Latin America


SPA-354Latin American History


SPA-357Spanish Linguistics and Phonology


SPA-365Special Topics in Hispanic Studies

3 to 9

SPA-370Hispanic Culture and Language Studies


SPA-371Hispanic Culture in the U.S.


SPA-372Culture and Civilization of Spain


SPA-420Advanced Spanish Grammar


SPA-457Survey of Spanish Literature


SPA-458Survey of Spanish American Literature


SPA-461Contemporary Spanish Literature


SPA-462Spanish Short Stories


SPA-465Special Topics in Spanish Literature

3 to 9

Foreign Study Experience

Students may transfer a 300 or 400 level course taken abroad that focuses on the history, culture or literature of a Spanish-speaking country or the theory or practical use of the Spanish language. Must be taught in Spanish and must be from an approved, accredited program.

If a student decides not to pursue CLEP credit prior to completing SPA-349, he or she must study abroad in Seville, Spain, for one semester in order to earn the remaining credits and graduate in 4 years.

All Spanish Majors and Minors are strongly encouraged to study abroad through IWU-sponsored or IWU-approved programs during their junior year.

Students should consult with the Foreign Language Coordinator, the Global Engagement Office, as well as their faculty advisor before taking courses abroad to ensure that they are appropriate.

Prerequisite: SPA-349, junior standing, and approval from the Foreign Language Coordinator.

Senior Seminar (3 credit)

SPA-470Spanish Capstone


Prerequisite: SPA 349, junior standing and approval from the Foreign Language Coordinator.

Cognate (12 credits)

Choose from one of the following fields:

Second Foreign Language



Intercultural Studies

Or another field approved by the division such as TESOL, Business, Education (Elementary, Secondary, Special, etc.), Political Science, Pre-law, Criminal Justice, Social Work, Art, or Nursing.

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