2020-2021 Catalog


Transfer of Credit Policy

Wesley Seminary may allow a maximum of nine credits in transfer to the Master of Arts programs and a maximum of 27 hours into the Master of Divinity program provided the transfer work falls within seven years prior to admission. Transfer of credit will be determined by the Academic Dean of Wesley Seminary.

Credit is granted for work with a satisfactory grade ("C" or above) taken at an approved college or university accredited at the same level, provided the courses are applicable to the curriculum the student wishes to pursue at Indiana Wesleyan University. An "approved college or university" generally refers to those institutions that are accredited by a regional accrediting body, the Association for Biblical Higher Education, or international theological accrediting associations affiliated with the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education.

The University Registrar is responsible for approving the transferability of all credits. Credit hours accepted in transfer are recorded, but quality points and grades are omitted. Once transcripts (and other test scores and academic documents) have been received, IWU is not permitted to release copies of those documents back to the student or any other party. All credits are accepted as semester credits. Quarter credits are converted to semester credits using the two-thirds conversion ratio.

Transcripts from international institutions - may need to be sent to an outside agency for evaluation and determination of transferable credits, degrees, and GPA. If this outside review is necessary, students are responsible for the initiation of this evaluation and for any fees incurred during the process.

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