2021-2022 Catalog


Doctor of Ministry

The Doctor of Ministry (DMin) degree is a 32 to 38 semester credit hour degree that provides advanced knowledge and research skills in relation to an area of ministry practice. The program is structured around two one-week intensives a year for three years under the supervision of a faculty mentor, supplemented by online courses that prepare a student for work on an individual Research Project. At the end of the first three years, the student is assigned a Project Advisor, who will work with the student in the fourth and any subsequent year through the proposal, implementation, and completion phases of the Project.

A student who has successfully completed the degree should be able to:

  • Demonstrate doctoral-level competency in the knowledge and skills related to an area of ministry practice, including the implementation of that practice in varying cultural contexts.
  • Conduct self-directed research on an area of ministry practice, culminating in a doctoral-level project that presents a research-based solution to a ministry problem and makes a contribution to scholarship and research in that area.
  • Apply biblical, theological, and historical insights to the practice of ministry with advanced understanding.
  • Demonstrate spiritual, personal, and professional growth in conjunction with growth in the knowledge and skills related to an area of ministry practice.
Indiana Weselayan