2021-2022 Catalog


Modern Language and Literature Division

The Division of Modern Language and Literature is devoted to the incarnation of God’s truth through language, literature, and culture. Our desire is to cultivate the study of language in all its varied forms as active participants in the reconciliation of all creation to God. 

The faculty members in the division are committed to developing Christian scholars who explore all facets of the spoken and written word – strong leaders faithful to their calling to use language responsibly, creatively, effectively, and joyfully, to the glory of God.

The division offers seven majors: English, English Education, Applied Spanish and Hispanic Studies, Spanish Education, TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), TESOL Education and Writing. The division also offers five minors: English, Writing, TESOL, Spanish, and World Languages (Spanish, French, and Mandarin Chinese). Students prepare both theoretically and practically for a personal and professional life that recognizes language and literature as among God's great gifts.

The Division of Modern Language and Literature offers general education classes for all students in reading, writing, literature, language study, Spanish, French, and Mandarin Chinese. It operates both a language lab and a writing center, featuring appropriate technology and tutoring. It sponsors trips abroad open to all students, oversees the student publication,Caesura, and arranges for speakers and performers in the areas of language and literary arts. It promotes the love of language arts and the deliberate study and use of careful, powerful language in the IWU community and in God's world.

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