2013-2014 Catalog


Office of Professional Development and Educational Licensing

The Office of Professional Development and Educational Licensing offers graduate level coursework designed to provide educational opportunities for school teachers and administrators. 

Graduate courses offered through this office are designed to strengthen the professional competencies of P-12 practitioners. These courses address contemporary educational challenges by employing a theory-to-practice approach to adult learning. Credit for these courses may be applied toward renewal of the Indiana state teaching license.

Courses are offered throughout the year in classroom locations across the state of Indiana as well as online. At times, IWU partners with other associates to provide a broad array of courses that will fulfill the requirements of licensure renewal. The courses are offered as credit for possible license renewal and are not eligible to apply toward any degree or professional preparation program at IWU. These courses (offered by Performance Learning Systems [PLS]) are not applicable toward the completion requirements of any School of Educational Leadership degree or professional preparation program.

Educators employed by school districts in states outside Indiana are welcome but are strongly advised to consult with their own state licensure office prior to registering. Students registering in courses bear the full responsibility for ensuring the applicability of IWU graduate courses for license renewal in their state.

Those new to Indiana Wesleyan University may register in courses offered through the Office of Professional Development and Educational Licensing as a non–degree seeking student based on submission of the following:

  • Course registration form.
  • A copy of an official transcript from a college or university accredited by a regional accrediting body or the Association for Biblical Higher Education which indicates the recipient has earned at least a baccalaureate degree.

Registration in coursework offered through the Office of Professional Development and Educational Licensing does not constitute admission to an IWU graduate degree program. If a non-degree seeking student decides at any time to apply for admission to an IWU graduate degree program, the student must complete the full and regular admission process. With approval of the program director immediately involved, up to six semester hours earned through the Office of Professional Development and Educational Licensing may be applied toward an IWU graduate education degree.

Applicants to any program within the School of Educational Leadership will be required to sign a disclosure of information waiver giving any prior institutions the applicant may have attended permission to supply IWU representatives all information relevant to the applicant's fitness for teacher training or licensure recommendation, including but not limited to his/her conduct, standing, or reputation while attending said institutions. Any information obtained may be considered by IWU in its decision whether or not to admit an applicant, to permit his or her continuance in a program, or to recommend him/her for licensure.

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