2013-2014 Catalog


Refund Policy - Degree Programs

  1. Any student withdrawing after attending only the first class session of the program or orientation will be assessed a $100 fee. All other tuition will be refunded. Book charges and educational resource fees are nonrefundable.
  2. After a student has attended two class sessions of the program, tuition, application fees, and educational resource fees are not refundable.
  3. Tuition is refunded according to the following policy for all subsequent courses:
    • Notification of withdrawal prior to the first class session of a course - full tuition refund.
    • Notification of withdrawal prior to the second class session of a course - 90% tuition refund.
    • Withdrawal after second class session or after the seventh day of an online class - no refund.
  4. In compliance with federal regulations for the student who has received financial aid, the refund will be returned to the appropriate aid sources.
  5. Book fees are not refundable once the student has attended one class session or if the books have been marred in any way prior to that time.
  6. Students who are unable to complete a course or who receive an unsatisfactory grade for their specific program will be allowed to repeat that course with another group of students if arrangements are made with the Registration Change Counselor. Tuition and fees will be charged for repeating the course.
  7. Decisions regarding refunds are made by the appropriate Accounting Office, and in isolated cases, by the Financial Appeals Committee.
  8. Indiana Wesleyan University will comply with any state mandated refund policies that govern refunds for students matriculating within the state in question. For a detailed listing of state-specific refund policies, please visit http://www.indwes.edu/About/Student-Consumer-Information/State-Specific-Refund-Policies
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